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Top 5 Web hosting companies accept Paypal for payments 2015

webhosting companies accept paypal

To Register a self hosted blog Paypal payment methods makes easy . There are several payment methods accept web hosting companies such as credit card payment method, bit coin payment, paypal and payza. I think paypal is easy solution to make payment for your hosting services. Sometimes people don’t become willing to pay via credit […]

5 Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugin 2015

Wordpress social media sharing plugin 2015

To increase website traffic, readers engagement is most important factor and to do this social media is one of the best way. Social media sharing button play extra ordinary role for a new blog. Social media sharing button helps visitors to publish their reaction to your blog in different social networking sites. It’s like a […]

How to Verify Your Website in Pinterest That Drives a Lot of Traffic

How To Verify Your website in Pinterest Account photo

There are some easy way to get more visitors and more impressions on search result and get first page without making any backlink. Pinterest verification is one of them. Already i writes two article about these topics. Don’t forget to Read this.. Get Google First Page On Search Results Without Any Backlink 100% Work-Increase Website […]

Going To Buy Facebook Likes, Stop Now! Read This

Buy Facebook Likes

Buying Facebook Likes is common thing at present. I have a practical knowledge about buying Facebook likes, which make great losses to my friends small business and change his attitude into negative about online marketing. So now i want to share  the effect to buy facebook likes.   There are less positive point to buying […]

Bing Webmaster tools-How to submit a sitemap to Bing Webmaster

how to submit a sitemap to bing webmaster tools

After start a blog, first thing is to increase traffic, the best method to get a lot of traffic from search engine. Yes, search engine is the way that people can find your blog easily by any niche(related your blog content). Of course Google is the master of search engine.     Yes, we know […]

Google Webmaster tools-How to submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster?

how to submit a sitemap to google webmaster tools

Recently create a blog or website, don’t know why targeted people can’t reach your site. The best way to “people find your site” through search engine. People can easily find your site through Google, if Google indexed your site properly. But the main thing is Google don’t index your site quickly if you don’t submit […]

How to Create a Sitemap for a Blog?

how to create a sitemap for a website

Most popular blogs generate maximum traffic from search engine. Search engine like those  sites which update regularly. To tell search engine about your blog updates is sitemap submitting. It’s the process to help search engine bots to crawl and index your site quickly.     It’s very essential for a blogger to submit sitemap on […]

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