7 Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Effectively in 2018

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You can write a lot of content on your blog and never will ever read it.

Actually, this is one of the problems that many new bloggers face every day: no traffic.

They spend huge amounts of time producing the content for their blogs. They spend even more time designing logos and themes, but no one ever checks them out.


It is as if their hard work means nothing in a time where literally 3 million blog posts are published every day. Standing out in the midst of all this content is a nightmare…


Unless you know exactly how to promote your blog effectively.


The blogosphere and marketing worlds are changing every day. However, there are a few constants that will definitely work in 2018.

1 – Search Engine Optimization

There is no way for your content to be discovered online unless you are optimizing it for Google and relevant search engines. SEO is what you need so that your blog gets a good position on the result pages of Google when someone searches for keywords that you are targeting.


I have written an SEO beginners guide with resources to many more advanced SEO techniques that you should check out.

In the meantime, just know that without SEO in 2018, you won’t be able to get much organic traffic.

2 – StumbleUpon

Getting your blog in front of people is the goal of any promotion. However, you have to do a lot of work to get in front of the RIGHT people. Thankfully, there is one website that saves you the time by promoting your blog posts for you.


StumbleUpon is a website where users select their interested and start “stumbling upon” new content. This blog post shows how to get traffic from StumbleUpon very easily.


In less than a week, you can get as much as 1000 blog visitors. That may not be a lot, but for a new blog; that may be too much!

3 – Facebook

Al Mamun has written a great guide back in 2015 on how to get traffic from Facebook. Those tips are still relevant today as promoting blogs on Facebook is still underused.

The problem is the focus of many bloggers is sharing their blog on as many groups as possible.


With the admins being a bit too strict in the most relevant groups, your blog won’t ever be seen by the right audience. The trick is to provide value for free, whenever possible, and as much as you can. Only mention your blog casually, and after the approval of the admins.


Following the rules on Facebook can actually help you reach a distant audience that you most definitely need.

4 – Pinterest

Many bloggers consider Pinterest another simple social media platform. But they are wrong about that. Pinterest is the largest visual search engine. It has been completely overlooked by bloggers for so many years, until recently.


The demographic is still mainly female users, but men are the largest growing user demographic in the last year.


Not jumping on Pinterest right now would be a mistake that can be costly. It is easy to get your optimized content in front of a targeted audience.


You don’t have to heavily promote your blog, you just need a few SEO techniques and your pins will rise to the top.

5 – Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

One of the most underused sources for blog promotion is the free service of HARO. Help A Reporter Out is a service that connects journalist (or bloggers) with sources.


Once you sign up, you will receive 3 daily emails, 5 times a week. On a bad week, you will have, at the very least, 3 opportunities to answer a question and have your blog promoted for free in return.


I have used their service before and all my answers were published. My goal for 2018 is to answer at least 5 emails per week. If you do that as well, your blog will skyrocket in no time.


PS: many HuffPost, CNN, and other major publication contributors reach out to sources using HARO. So, that means thousands of possible new visitors just by answering one simple question.

6 – Guest Posts

One of the best ways to promote your new blog is by writing content on other established blogs. You can find opportunities to write content on relevant blogs in your niche every day, and write awesome content for them.


(I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Al Mamun for giving me this opportunity to write on his blog).


Many use guest posting just to put links back to their blogs and forget about how important guest blogging is for self-branding.

You are not only promoting your blog, but you are promoting yourself as well.

7 – Your Own Email List

When you promote your blog using the methods above, your traffic number will grow immensely. The work doesn’t stop there, though. You need to grow your email list at every step of the way.


Offer freebies to get your blog visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Once they do that, you will have easy access to hundreds of blog visitors by just sending one email.


You can use an email list builder and automation services such as MailChimp. That will save you a lot of time, and you won’t have to ever worry about not having blog visitors.


The 7 ways to promote your blog n 2018 will still be working years later. Unless social media completely disappears and blog promotion become prohibited legally, these techniques are here to stay.


You can start with whichever one you like, as long as you always do SEO for your blog content and grow your email list daily. The rest is adjustable to your needs and your niche.


Let me know in the comments down below what you think the best ways to promote blog content are.
I would love to discuss these techniques with y’all!


Happy blogging!


Author bio: Youness Bermime is a professional content writer and marketer. He owns WritersDo, a blog that helps new bloggers learn how to write and promote their content effectively. He also writes for ActionTakingMogul, a blog that encourages readers to take action and start making money online in many different ways.

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