Get Google First Page On Search Results Without Any Backlink

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Some easy techniques you should follow to get first page on Google search. Without making extra backlinks you can do it. Backlink making is easy but quality link building is so tough. When it comes about high competitive keywords, more backlinks  is a big factor for ranking and getting first page. But niche and micro niche sites can get first page on Google with high quality contents and more without huge backlinks.

Now a days advance Search engine optimizer follow some rules to get first page on search results . Also you can follow these rules for niche and micro niche sites.


Google first page secret

Rich Article Writing

“Content is king” so always write something new, unique and quality SEO optimized article. All of techniques, Google gives priority on quality articles.

Remember Google want quality not quantity. If you write informative article try to write more than 1000 words, at least 600 words carries articles quality.

Whenever you write a good article seem you have done almost 90% of your work. Rich articles contain HTML tags that good for search engines and visitors.

Increase Visitors

I know that, you don’t want less visitors for your blog or website. Not only you but also anyone never want this. Now think about how to increase traffic, it’s  possible by quality contents and proper marketing.

Here’s some traffic generating resource for you-

When your site will get more organic visitors, you must get more popularity on Google.

If maximum visitors comes only for one time , That means maximum are new visitors rather than existing visitors, your site will get less popularity, So care about this.

Publish one quality article instead of ten low quality articles.

Good Design And Navigation

Good design and navigation can enhance your site quality. You can ask yourself, Why you leave a site without reading more?. I think, you find out the main point.

Also use proper image with Alt Tag for good user navigation.

Optimized Video

For better search results make some quality video and optimize them, put into your website also share on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others network .  Quality videos can bring huge traffic.

Whenever you search for anything, see that in 6-7 position a YouTube video is appear on search results, if you make niche related quality video you’ll  get first page and also get more traffic.

When you added any video on your site, it’s work such as a XML sitemap. It gives direction to search engines that you have great resource with text and video contents.

Verified Google Authorship

Already i made a tutorial about  “how to get verified Google authorship”. Google verified authorship is very important for every site owner, It is a big plus point to get Google first page for faster growing sites.

Google community wants , every site owners connected with them, the way is Google authorship. When we search anything, we found some site owners  photo with search results. What’s the reason?

Main reason to appear photo on search results is they have a Google plus account with verified authorship.

Remember to use your own photo on Google plus profile not company logo or a carton.

Website Speed

Think about you have a Motorbike, in a race, you’re driving with 120 km speed and another person drive with 100 km speed.

So who will won the race?

Obviously you. Same here if your site take minimum loading time, you must gain more visitors and Google first page. Unless your site will turn on backward position.

Use Fast Loading Premium WordPress Themes, to boost up your website speed. When i used free WordPress Theme for QcBlogging, i got minimum results. But now! It’s awesome experience with Mythemeshop TruePixel Theme.

Mobile SEO

Now a days smartphone user increases rapidly, for this we should to make responsive website, where visitors will find information by their Mobile phone.

Do you know Google Published Mobilegeddon , Where Google recommended to build mobile friendly sites.

15 Best  Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

When a visitor landed on your site by Mobile phone, he saw that it’s not responsive , for this reason he would close the tab & will never come back again. It’s true that many branded company had non responsive site, for this reason they lose their potential customers.

International Language

Sometimes we find information in different language, But it’s very essential for us. So we need to make open source language site, if you do this your website will get priority in search results.

Mythemeshop Themes offer Multi language Supported themes, So you shouldn’t think about it.

Google Plus And YouTube

Now a days Google give priority on Google plus, who use Google plus and YouTube service, his site get a chance to become first position in competition.

Whenever you publish a post, instantly share this on Google+ with attractive headlines. See the magic by searching your post keyword, next one week Google+ post will visible on first page.

Same thing  on YouTube after publishing your post make an attractive video then publish it on YouTube & Vimeo with your blog post link in description section.

Meta Tag Optimization

Care about this topic, use  some special meta tag to get first. Recommend, use long tail meta tag which limit 60-80 words bold it.

Your article title should create using h1 heading tags, others important para including post main keyword should create using h2 heading tags.

Update Article

Always keep your site up to date by posting a new article. If possible post a new article in every week, which help you to get in first position. If you continue this, Google bot will come again again, your site will  get plus point for search results.

Quick Indexing

Whenever you made update to your site Let search engines to know that you have an update content to index quickly. If you use WordPress then use WordPress Ping List for Faster Indexing.  Also you can index your site manually by and


Sharing is Sexy! search engines love this. Share your post on Popular social network specially Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ , Tsu, Reddit, Buzzfeed & Digg. Share your contents using email marketing, that’s create huge value.

And the Backlinks

While you got a Backlink for your site, it means you got a positive vote for your site. More vote you will get from related authority sites, more popular you will be on Googles Eye. So make quality backlinks that make sense. If you want to get first page for your multiple niche site then without a good amount of backlink, it’s quiet impossible.

Extra Tips

Every time keep continue On page SEO, because it’s send update to search engines . Also you can check out Current SEO Techniques to refresh yourself.  If you upload any photo, you should use proper alt tag.

When you publish any post then knock Google to submit your link for quick indexing. In a single word you should to work every time for your site by at any how, at any cost.

Could you share your techniques how you got Google First Page ?

Feel free to comment bellow and share your story.

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