Going To Buy Facebook Likes, Stop Now! Read This

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Buying Facebook Likes is common thing at present. I have a practical knowledge about buying Facebook likes, which made great losses to my friend small business and change his attitude into negative about online marketing. So now i want to share  the effect to buying Facebook likes.

Buy Facebook Likes


There are less positive point to buying Facebook likes, Maximum is negative effect.  personally, i don’t recommend anyone to buy Facebook likes.

Few months ago my childhood friend start a small traditional business. When he deeply learn about the of power online marketing, he became curious to increase his sales from online marketing. For this, he created a Facebook page, someone offer him to buy Facebook likes for his new Facebook page.

So, he seems it’s the opportunity to get more Facebook likes and treat them as a customer. But after few days, he knock me to see what happened to his Facebook page. Willingly People didn’t like or comment on his post. He noticed me, he loses Facebook likes day by day.


As he gave me the permission to access in admin panel, i found that already he lost 1k likes from 20k he bought. I saw a interesting thing, Maximum of these like comes from fake profile and they had low engagement.

So, buying Facebook likes is totally waste of time and money.

Reasons Why You Should to Avoid the Tactic of Buying Facebook Likes

1. Waste of valuable Time: When you buy likes from anyone, you don’t know from where likes come and who behind the profile. Think, If you don’t reach your post to targeted people, then it’s the waste of time .

2. Waste of Money: Generally we see in traditional business, when anyone purchase something, it’s contain a value. But after buying likes, if it’s not  increase your sale or don’t go for branding,  there is no value in there. Absolutely it’s totally waste of money.

3. Less Popularity On EdgeRank: You might become worried, when you didn’t get more EDGERANK score, it’s depend on how many people visits your page, visitors comments, post like and how much time it’s shared.

So, when you buy fans from fake profile, they don’t become interested to like, share and comment to your post. Finally your EDGERANK score would very low, then Facebook mark your page as an unimportant.

4. Less Social Engagement: When you buy Facebook likes, basically you don’t know what types content they likes and what they want from you.

So, they don’t become curious about your next update. Example of you, will you share or like any thing that you don’t like?

Same thing here, you will got poor engagement.

5. Negative Effect to Your Product: Maximum Facebook marketers try to generating leads then it’s turn into sales. But poor engagement makes less sales. So your potential customer seems that your product has no value. So, finally customer gives negative feedback.

So, what’s the solution ?

The Alternatives of Buying Facebook likes

1. Invite Real Fans: Find different Facebook discussion groups to personally invite them, Find them which people are interested similar to your page. If possible collect their email then send mail with describe how they become benefited if they like your page.

2. Advertising: Sometimes you have no time to invite anyone, So advertising is the best solution for you.

I know it will spend some extra money, but so what you will get real people who actually interested about your page. Facebook advertising is best to get more targeted people for your Facebook page also some others too.

3. Research: Move your eyes on visitors opinion about your page also your competitor page. Always keep in your mind, unique always welcome by any targeted people. Find out some new ideas to engage more people.

Sometimes ask them, what’s they think about your page, makes poll that’s help you to get more engagement.

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Conclusion: Personally i don’t like to buy Facebook fans. i think, best option is to make a request to your friend to like your page and also request them to invite their friends to connect with your page.

There are alternative ways to buying Facebook fans such as creating attractive content, marketing them in a proper way.Treat your liker as a customer, give reply to their feedback.

Remember customer service is main key to become success in marketing and their is no shortcut way on online marketing, same goes to Facebook marketing. So, try to avoid the practice of buying Facebook likes.

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