Top 23 Google Adsense Alternatives for High Paying Blogging

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Google Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks– I think, you found my article when you got Google Adsense disapproval message again and again.

I seen most of the bloggers started blogging only for Google Adsense. Actually they don’t know that, Adsense is not only one ad network to monetize their blog.

Some of them trying to get Adsense approval  for several  times when they become tired and frustrated also, then they leave blogging.

Yes, Obviously Adsense is world’s best ad network for satisfaction of advertiser and publisher. I saw, some bloggers don’t read and understand Adsense privacy policy,  for this reason they become rejected more time.

If some bloggers getting Adsense quickly they didn’t continue, become banned for violation or unknown reasons. Some bloggers work hard and want to become a successful blogger.  They search  for  Adsense alternatives, My small Piece of content for them.  So it is the best solution to try another ad network when you didn’t get Adsense.

Here’s   Google Adsense Alternatives ad networks, that can give you extra benefit to continue your blogging.Google -adsense -alternatives- ad -networks

It’s highly recommended For pre quitter, if you don’t get Adsense several time “Don’t quit from blogging because quitter never win”.

Google Adsense Alternatives

  1. Chitika
  3. Buysellads
  4. infolinks
  5. peerfly
  6. Exit Junction
  7. ShareAsale
  8. Casale Media
  9. tribal Fusion
  10. BlogAds
  11. Intellilinks
  12. Vibrant Media
  13. Adside
  14. MadAdsMedia
  15. PublicityClerks
  16. Link Worth
  17. qadabra
  18. Bidvertiser
  19. Clicksor
  20. Kontera
  21. Reachli
  22. Yahoo! Bing Network
  23. Adversal


Now I am telling you details about these Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks.

1. is same as Adsense its owned by yahoo and bing which show contextual ads. Its shares advertising revenue with publisher.

The main thing is offers customized ad units which will fit with your blog. Also you can earn money when visitors show your blog from mobile or tablets.

One of the most important thing is is not opened for public user, but don’t worry you can send request for invitation. Already i wrote review check out.

It’s highly Recommended Adsense alternative ad network, daily if you get huge traffic from U.S, U.K, Canada & Australia then should your right choice.

2. Chitika:

Chitika is another best Adsense alternative ad network which show contextual ad for publisher. Chitika’s ads are same as Adsense to look, the main change is it’s called Chitika.

To get approval from Chitika, you should to create publisher account and also you can choose a tag which you have to implement on your blog.

The most similar ads will be shown on your blog  and when visitors click on your ad you will get paid.

To generate extra profit from Chitika, it has frame ads, popup ads and also advance option to customize your ads.

Two payment methods are used on Chitika one is PayPal another is Check method which can use easily.

Actually Chitika is a PPC ads network, when you gain huge traffic on your blog, you can get more CPC  clicks. 01$-1$ is chitika CPC range, when your earning gain $10 you can withdraw by PayPal and minimum $50 for direct check.

3. Buysellads:

Buysellads is one of the best Google Adsense Alternative which can generate more money than Adsense. It’s difference from Google Adsense which can easily monetize your blog.

First  you should register for publisher account, after approval you can running your business.

For starting, You should to create ad slots of your blog, and your blog will be listed for buysellads directory.

When advertisers will look your blog from directory, if he satisfy, he might hire slots for one or three months or more times.

It’s generate more money when you’ll apply several techniques.

4. Infolinks:

Infolinks is difference from all advertising network. For publish infolinks ads,  you should not take more spaces for this, Infolinks ad will generate auto links ads and popup ads. There are four types of ads offers infolinks such as tag, frame, in text, in search ads.

5. Peerfly:

If you are novice in blogging and you have not more traffic, Peerfly might best ad network for your blog. You can earn more money from less traffic by Peerfly.

It’s totally difference from all types of ads network also Adsense. It is CPA base international ad network that pays you for action. After approval your account you will get affiliate code for tracking.

Find your niche related products for ad, after finding you can promote this,on your blog by banner, link ads, reviews, email sending etc.

Also you can share your affiliate link in social media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and get more money by more sale.

Remember you will be paid when any one purchase using your affiliate links.

6. Exit Junction:

Exit junction is only for advance blogger who have good amount of traffic. If you have a lot of traffic, then apply for exit junction if not, don’t try..

It will show relevant ads like chitika but it has pop ip ads also. After $50 earning you can withdraw money, the most important thing is Exit junction has good CTR.

7. ShareAsale:

Actually ShareAsale is based on affiliates but different is it’s cost per action base affiliate network.

Whenever you’ll apply some techniques, ShareAsale will your money making machine.

8. Casale Media:

Casale Media ad network is CPM based, it pays for impressions. Don’t apply if you don’t have lot of average traffic, or you will be rejected. $25 minimum payout by PayPal and direct check.

9. Tribal Fusion:

Most attractive Google Adsense alternative which is famous for Best CPM ad network. More difficult for approval but earning range is very high.

Payments are made by Wire Transfer and PayPal when you cross your earning minimum $100.

10. BlogAds:

BlogAds network like BuySell ads, you would sell your ad slot for 30 days. You can choose your price, payments will be made by Wire Transfer and PayPal.

11. Intellilinks:

Payment method is difficult, you,ll get payments within 30 days of earning. Intellilinks offer in-text ads only.

12. Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media offers image, text and screen takeover type ads. Payment makes within 45 days, when your minimum  earning goes over $50. It’s support Wire Transfer and Check.

13.  Adside:

Adside is like as Vibrant Media ads which contain Pop unders, in-image, Target text, Mobile ads also. $50 minimum payouts with check.


14. MadAdsMedia: CPM based ad network which is paid for 1k impression.

15. PublicityClerks: PublicityClerks also same as buysellads. No payments without the pursues of your slot for 30 days. PayPal is transaction method for payment.

16. Link Worth: Something difference in Link worth, one of the leading Adsense alternatives . Important thing, it offers Sponsor post including targeted text ads, Display ads, in text ads.

Payments made end of every month, minimum withdrawal $25 by PayPal and $100 With Wire Transfer.

17. Qadabra: Qadabra offers only display ads which is mainly CPM base. 1$ minimum payout for PayPal and $500 for Wire Transfer.

18. Bidvertiser: It Offers in Display ads, target text, banner ads also. Payment via PayPal, minimum $10 withdrawal term in end of every month. You can withdraw money from Western Union and Wire transfer.

19.  Clicksor: Few years ago i used Clicksor but it’s payment was too low. Because my niche was low competitive with low CPC rate. Clicksor offers Text banners, In-text ads, Display & Pop up ads . $50 minimum payment withdrawal term within 15 days.

20.  Kontera: CPC based ad network offers Display ads, In text ads and mobile ads. Payments method are Wire, Check and PayPal minimum $50 payout.

Others ad network are Reachli,Yahoo! Bing Network, Adversal etc.

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I think you read the last part in this post my advice for you, if you don’t get Adsense after trying several times, “Never quit from blogging, Because quitter never win” Always remember “Content Is King” and pay to attention to create quality contents.

Don’t become selfish like, comment and share.

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