How To Drive a Lot Of Traffic From Pinterest

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Every social media has their own extra ordinary things to choose them, From my case study Pinterest drives more and valuable traffic quickly.

Facebook, Twitter and Google plus allows to get instant traffic but on these platforms it’s too difficult for newbies to engage anyone.

On Pinterest million’s of targeted visitors are waiting for repines when your pins were created with high quality. I have seen many bloggers don’t use Pinterest to drive traffic. But It’s really good tactics to build loyal traffic using Pinterest marketing Tips.

How to drive a lot of -traffic- from- pinterest

Why Pinterest to Drive Traffic?

It says, Content never dies  especially on Pinterest. When you made a pin it works as a rolling of circle. Again and again it will bring massive traffic to your blog.

When you look your eyes on top bloggers profile, definitely you will see that maximum of their pins are rolling more than a year.


How it Works

Pinterest works as a visual bookmark, it allows anyone to pin anything, also you can collect, create and share topics you like. You will be able to create boards to categories your favorite pins.

I created three  boards to keep my contents, Like as Technology, Blogging and another is SEO. You can create more boards as you want by matching your interests.


How to Properly start With Pinterest

To use Pinterest, first you need to Signup, You can do this normally using your email, also you will be able to Signup via Facebook or Twitter account. After completing 100% profile information, then you can work with Pinterest.

It’s very important to field all the information without skipping anything because visitors will be curious when they look your pins to know details about you, your interests and your blog.


How To Verify Your Website In Pinterest & Why You Should

Pinterest allows you to get signature do-follow backlink. For this, first you must need to verify your website. Already wrote  details about How To Verify Website In Pinterest.

It’s not mandatory to verify your website but it’s play an important role to drive more traffic. When you will create a pin, viewers might become more interested about you.

They would view your profile, then viewers will show your attached link at the top of your profile. Maximum of them might be clicked your link to know details about you and your website.


How to Use Pinterest To Drive a Lot Of Traffic To your Website


Pinterest will bring more traffic and engagement. Not only that but also it will help you to do White Hat SEO. Search engines give priority those sites are following link juice rules.


Proper images Optimization on Pinterest

Selecting a eye catching and quality image is not easy task. It’s play an important role to attract more visitors.

To do successful Pinterest marketing you should to care about selecting a quality image. It’s recommended 735 pixels wide picture bring good results.

Use trustworthy picture add details information about this.

Read Also : WordPress Image Optimization Tips, You have Never Think About.

Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Blog

Pinterest Pin It Button works well to get your content for viral. Pinterest offers widgets to add Pin it button to your website or blog. Anyone can easily install and able to make customization.

Readers can store & share your content, image via Pinterest Pin It button.

It’s very beneficial to add Pin it button for every image on your blog post. Specially it’s work well on Photography blogs, Fashion blogs and e-commerce Sites.

Care About Description

Maximum newbies never think about Pins description, Relevant description always attract more visitors.

When you link your content on Pinterest it takes default description of the image, so care about this before posting your pins.


Make Engagement with Followers

It’s best tactics to make engagement with followers by repins their pins, posts  and images. Don’t be selfish always repin, share and comment on other conversation.

Not only in Pinterest but also in any other social networks, you should follow this rules. It works as a circle, more you talk and made share on others post more you’ll get same thing.

When you made this regular basis, it will  increase engagement, and more engagement means more traffic.

Proper #Hashtags

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest supports hashtags, in Facebook and twitter hashtags works well when you made a lot content using each #hashtags.

In Google Plus it’s automatically made Hashtags related your content. But in Pinterest different manner and plays an important role for Pinterest search and any others Search engines.


How To Use Pinterest Rich Pins

Recently Pinterest introduced rich Pins service for Products, Recipes, Places and Movies. It will help your pins by collecting extra information on Pin itself using

It includes article Headline, Author, story description and interlink to your site.

Rich Pins work Google Rich Snippets, so it will increase visibility of your pin automatically.

Validate your URL, It’s the first step to use Pinterest Rich Pins.

Using markup it will do this job, so you have to validate your all article and what you want to pin.

After validating, Pinterest will ask you to submit URL, you will get a approval mail when it’s completed.


Extra Tips For Pinterest Marketing

Add maximum boards on Pinterest with related keywords of your niche. Then make minimum ten pins on each board. Don’t do keywords stuffing by making more unusual boards.

Finally last and important sentence is don’t become selfish, repin other user’s pins to get back same thing.


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