Suspended Twitter Account? Here’s How to Get Back Suspended Twitter Account

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25 days ago my Twitter account was suspended due to getting more follower within a few hours. When i log into my Twitter account, i have been seen a funny thing that, i have 0 followers and removed all of my information that i following people, pages, posts etc.

I discover a notification that was about currently i am suspended due to rules violation which is show in red warning box. I was surprised to see this notification, they attached a link which provides details information about why my account was suspended.

How to get back suspended twitter account

Few days back, i saw a social exchange website links. it’s offer to get free twitter followers which is exchange with others. I thought i should try this, then i linking with that website and started work to get more followers.

But what happened with my account! i got more than 50 followers within 10 minutes but after that my account was suspended.

I reads carefully Twitter rules and regulations and find a scope to get back my suspended twitter account.

I found this form to appeal a twitter suspension.


how to get back  suspended twitter account how to get back  suspended twitter account

I filled this form with the description of problem in details, honestly i said a to z and request them to give me back my account with followers and everything.

I promised with them i will never do this again and i will unfollow more than 50 followers who recently added with me. After completing few steeps i get back my twitter.

Now i want to discuss about what to do if your account become suspended, just follow the instructions bellow. Before moving on  you should  know the possible reasons why does twitter suspend accounts?

1. Maximum account suspended due to violations of Twitter Rules.

2. They also suspended account if they seems that, your account become hacked.

3. Spamming is another reason to suspended account. Twitter strictly handle spamming.

How to Restore Your Suspended Twitter Account?

1. First fill out appeal form to notice them what’s problem you faced with your account. In regarding section select “Suspended Account” Write subject like this “ My Account Suspended”.

how to get back suspended twitter accounthow to get back suspended twitter account


In description section write what’s problem with your account, possible reasons why your account become suspended. Recent activity on your twitter.

Write full name, Twitter username(it’s automated generated), Email address and valid phone number. Then click on “Submit” button and wait for the reply.

2. After getting reply, I completely revise their notice. I got this reply within 24 hours with a support ticket.

get back suspended twitter account

3. I reply back to their response including some common words. But they don’t satisfy with my discussion, they reply again with some instructions.

4. They give the instruction to remove unauthorized, unnecessary and spammy linking with my twitter, they mailed me like this ..

how to get back suspended twitter account

5. After unlinked Twitter from automated sites. I strongly promised with them i will follow their Rules by at any how, at any cost.

Also i included a true matter, which occurred with my Twitter. In last line i included some words like this “i understand my suspended issues, i unlinked all automated account from Twitter, please  unblock my account ASAP.”

6. Finally! i got it, i get back my suspended twitter account. I get all of followers, all account information including my tweets and re tweets.

Avoid 5 Things to Protect Your Twitter Account From Suspend

1. Following Unknown person

2. Access unimportant website by Twitter apps.

3. Choose a week password.

4. Spam continuously.

5. Use untrusted social exchange site.

Conclusion: If you face similar problem with Twitter account, let us know by comment. I think, this article  helped you, if it’s helped please consider to like, comment and share to help others.




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