How To Get More Facebook Friends-Social Network Tips

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Want to Get more Friends on Facebook???
how- to- get- more- friend -on -facebook-There are some ways to add more friends on legal ways, by the way first you should to know why you need more friends on Facebook timeline.

Why You Need More Friends on Facebook?

I see many people who want to buy Facebook friends, it has many different way but one thing you should to remember that, you have to follow the Facebook rules and regulation with white hat methods.

Why they want it, Because Facebook is a real boss from all social networks. Day by day Facebook increases million of users, good opportunists also.

If you don’t follow their rules, you will be block. There are more benefits for  adding more friends on Facebook. Specially for online marketers must need more Facebook friends or Facebook followers.

If you engaged with more people  via Facebook account, You can earn more from online in different ways. Such as Social media marketers, also Search engine optimizer who earn money from sharing or marketing blog, website, products etc.

I know some affiliate marketers who earn money  by selling their products on Facebook. It is not easy task, also they have strong friends & followers network.

Not only that, also you can make a popular brand by doing  successful Online marketing. As an interesting  thing, few of my friends find their customers for selling their second hand products like mobile phone, laptop, watch, computer etc.

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Lets move, why you should more Facebook Friends and Followers-

1. More popularity on Facebook: If you want, you can become more popular by Facebook, specially paid advertising of your Facebook fanpage.

When you advertise your own page or brand people will see it on their wall feed. Now a days political person also makes Facebook fanpage and they promote it for publicity.

2. Meet new people: For entertainment, world update information, everything around the world, you will get noticed by Facebook.

Also You would get more funny and interesting people, that will give you much entertainment and  Will enhance your knowledge.

3. Develop business: You can reach your million of potential customer via Facebook. Create Facebook Fanpage, and do publicity.

When your products or service meet more people , definitely your sells would be increase day by day.

Also you can make a strong brand using Facebook. Day by Day world most precious companies makes strong network on Facebook for increase their sells such as Nike, Cats eye, Samsung etc.

4. Freedom sharing: Facebook is a place where you can Share your opinion with worldwide new friends.

Anything you want!

Easily You can share your knowledge  on Facebook to develop your skill.

5. More Visitors: Recently you start a blog & don’t know how you can get more traffic for your sites?. I think Facebook is a place where you can get million’s of Website traffic. Do you know? my  blog get 10% visitors from Facebook.

6. Helping Others: Help others that you know anything useful for everyone, it’s free on Facebook. But in self hosted blog or website it’s need paid domain & hosting. ( Some free blogging sites like blogger, WordPress, Hubpages, webs has limited option. That’s why i say free is not free.)

7. Entertainment:  Entertainment is most important part of our life. It’s the place where you can entertain most, Doesn’t matters your age is over hundred years old.

Mostly pass their time with playing game, chating and more.

Do you like to play any game on Facebook? Please share on comments.

I like most of games like poker, Chess, cake cuter etc.

For all thing you need more friends another option is Facebook paid advertising.

So now I am telling you about “How to add more friends on Facebook timeline?”

first you can see my  Facebook time line on about page.

 How it’s  Work? How to Add More Friends on Facebook Timeline?

1.  First Login to your Facebook account then you see notification like bellow on Friends activity on wall feed.

Get more facebook- friend- tips -photo

2.  Add friend who have more mutual friends with you, If you don’t know please don’t send friend request for preventing your Facebook from blocking.


Why you should to add mutual friends on Facebook?

A friend who is friend with your friends but not with you, he is mutual friends.

Facebook has rules and regulations for adding friends so if you add more friends without knowing them or without they don’t have mutual friends with you, Facebook will block your timeline. For this you can’t add more friends. So send friend request for who know you or you have mutual.

3. If your  friends suggest anyone don’t ignore Add him for Friendship.

4. See picture right side bar recommended “people you may know” send them friend request.

5. Chat with more friends for  good relation also you will be active friends, that’s very important for content marketers.

I see many Facebook users don’t respond when they active on online, but it’s the bad behavior, Isn’t it?.

When you stay active online and have enough time, respond your friends, who want to say Hello, Hi or ask you a important question.

6. Say yours friends to suggest you, when any one suggest you everyone will show if your privacy setting is public.

7. Upload charming photo that’s why friends will like and comments on your photo, so your timeline will get exposure and people will be send you more friend request. See the photo bellow.

Get- more- facebook- friend


8.  Do Like and comment on your photo also reply your friend’s comments.

About visitors, i see that there are many more people who don’t like, comment or share post with out any reason.

But its bad for a social marketers. If you like more, you will get same. It’s the best way to make more engagement.

9. Also like comment and share your friends  photos, Posts and events.

10. Upload relevant photo, content on different community page, Groups. If you face any problem just put a status on a Facebook group, Discuss here anything relevant with groups, I hope you will get more friend request  .

11. If any one comment your post replay quickly, and like on his comment. Mean time  your profile will be visible with more new people.

12. Always be active on Facebook to get more friend request. If you don’t active you may lose your potential friends & customers.

13. Update your timeline photo,status, video more time as possible.

In this way, add seven days after that you will be surprised that automatically friend request will be comes on your time line guaranteed.


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