How to Make Money Blogging- A Complete Guide 2016

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how to make money blogging

Whenever you will get a proper guidance for Making money online using a blog, It will be easy to achieve your goal. To make money blogging, You need more efforts, time & Depth knowledge about your niche. Already we talked about why people fail at blogging; there i described the specific reasons you should avoid to become a successful blogger.

Most newbie failed to make money blogging because their vision is not clear. They don’t know what they can do by an establish blog.

They aren’t aware about their niche and they continue blogging 1-11 months, but they failed to make a single penny due to creating less contents, wrong marketing strategies and using wrong monetizing methods.

Proper guideline can make your blog as a money making machine.

So, I want to dedicate this how to guide for beginners who really want to make money blogging.
Minimum two years of blogging can give you proper results as you want. Earning money from a blog is proportional to your right work.

I am not mentioning here hard work, because every person trying his best to get success, and they do hard work. Even a hawker does hard work, but he won’t able to generate passive income.

Always i want to focus myself about the smart work with right way. Smart work stands for right work at right time.

To get the best result, You need to follow proper guide and need to do right work at right time. If you think it’s high time to start your work, then don’t late, start now!
Remember Blogging is a long term Business & it’s not a game to become rich within overnight.

As it’s a beginner guide let me share from starting point,

Steps Should Follow To Start a Blog Right Now

1. Select Your Niche- Select a topic that you’re most interested about. If you set long term goal, In future You need to share huge contents with your readers about your niche.

For beginners it’s highly recommended to choose a profitable and low competitive long tail keyword. For keyword research regularly i use Google KeyWord Planner(Free) & Long Tail Pro(Paid).

2. Find A Domain Name & Select Hosting Package- Go to & click on “Get Started Now”


Bluehost Hosting for Make money blogging

Click On Get Started Now


Select your hosting Plan, Get A Free Domain on every plan.



Bluehost hosting package for make money blogging

Select “plus” package

Check BlueHost Hosting Plan

Type your new domain name on Blank box, if  already you have a domain name and want to transfer it on BlueHost then type your existing domain name on “i have a domain name” section. Then click on Next.


sign up BlueHost

If your domain name is available for registering then it will show congratulation notification like bellow Now time to setup your contact address and payment methods.


Bluehost domain name available for making money bloggingOnce you registered, now install WordPress on your Domain. Here’s Video on How to Install WordPress on BlueHost for free.

3. Install A WordPress Theme- There are a lot of free & Premium WordPress Themes are available. Just choose a theme that suit with your niche.

I used MyThemeShop Themes (.aff link) for public domain. For my niche and micro niche sites i use Genesis. MyThemeShop performs good, they offers Fully SEO optimized and 100% responsive themes. Here’s MyThemeShop Review I had written.

And Genesis is the foundation for any smart WordPress design. Their framework is really awesome, it helps me to get first page for my niche sites. Genesis have some great options you can choose. You are  eligible to create child themes for your sites using Genesis.

Traffic, Traffic & Traffic

Now time to increase website traffic, i mean trust worthy readers.
Once you had created your first blog and created some quality contents.

Now time to attract the targeted peoples. Visitors is everything, they would fulfill your demand that you aspect from your blog.

Readers is a hurt of any blog.

So, Do you think about how to generate targeted traffic?
Let me share about details on how to increase traffic to your blog,
If your blog is new then totally avoid advance SEO for minimum 6 moths.

If it’s micro niche site then you can do it from starting point. For multiple niche site Just do basic SEO with white hat way.

At very first time A lot of people around online will tell you to do advance SEO. But i am not agreeing with this.

First of all you need to generate some good contents that make sense. Then build up a strong community around your circle.

Tell them you have something that has a good value. Share your contents with your engaged folks. You will get trust worthy readers if you tell them truly.

While you have some resourceful contents and daily you generates a decent amount of traffic then think about Advance SEO.

8 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

1. Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting is one of the most effective way to drive instant traffic to your blog. Place comment on high quality and high authority sites.

Find out related blog posts and place a comment there. It’s highly recommended to comment on high pr Commentluv enable blogs. Premium Commentluv will allow you to build do follow backlinks.

Whenever you will place a comment on a commentluv enable blog, it will show your most recent post bellow your comment.
Maximum time your comment got rejected by site admin?
The reasons why?
a. You placed your main keyword instead of your name
b. Your comment is too short.
c. Your comment caught by spam prevention plugin.
d. You placed a copied comment.
e. Blog admin seems it has no value.

Tips for Getting Quick Approval of Your Comment

First of all don’t place keyword on “Name” Section. Elaborate your comment as possible with meaningful words.

Maximum comments caught by spam plugin for copy paste and rest of them for addressing “Thanks” on starting point and comments from blocked ip.

To getting approval fast, directly never share your .aff link or blog post link into your comment. Build up a good relation with related blogs admin, whenever you will build up a good relation site owner may consider you to sharing your link into your comment.

And the last one is, when you want to do comment on high authority sites, place your comment as early as possible. Because a lot of guys will comment there, if you place your comment that appears on first you will get more impressions and more traffic also.
Did you tried these techniques before?
Let us know about your blog commenting techniques, Do a comment bellow, so everyone will learn from this. I appreciate your comment!

2. Forum Posting:

Daily millions of visitors are visits forum sites.There you have a great possibility for getting targeted traffic to your blog. There are lot of high pr signature approve forum sites.You should try them, find out which forum works better for your niche.

Then build up a strong community there and get traffic as a flood. To get maximum benefits from forum, you need to be an active person there.

Post informative posts by following continuous process and solve others problem by answering their questions. Also do quick reply on others comments that posted under your post.

3. Guest Posting:

To get mind blowing traffic from high authority blogs guest posting is a effective way that still works. Guest post can bring instant traffic not only that but also it will increase your popularity around blogging community.

Most popular bloggers specially Neil Patel brings his most leads and traffic from guest posting.

4. Social Media:


You will get the best benefits of social media traffic when you’ll have an engaged community. Without engagement it will bit difficult to drive huge traffic to your blog.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tsu are the most powerful social media for driving website traffic. Facebook traffic is worthless for SEO, but it works for best conversation.

A lot of people are collaborating here just find out your targeted readers. If you want to tell me about others, Specially Twitter & Google+, i would like to say Google+ is best for SEO second is Twitter.

Whenever you searched anything on Google search bar, You might had seen one or two relevant Google + post appears on search results with a website link.

Yeah, friend it’s one of best site that will help you to get first page on Google Search.

5. Related Videos:

Create related videos of your posts then upload them on YouTube and Vimeo and on description section link back to your blog.

It will increase impressions, search engine ranking and will make a strong brand. Using a high quality video you can promote your sales page directly.

Think, on a single video if you get 1000 views per month, minimum 100 people will click your attached link then 100 videos will get 10000 traffic per month.
It works man!
I tested it for my Amazon niche sites.

6. Other Popular Sites for Generating High Quality Traffic

Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Buzzfeed, Quora and are awesome resource for bringing traffic to your blog. Reddit performs as a second eye of online.

Pinterest is another great site for product owner, also bloggers can store their post photos with post link on Pinterest by creating Board.

They offers to pin and repin user photos. It’s a tremendous thing, if you share any post on Pinterest it works as wheel.

When you will post high quality contents and if you have a decent amount of followers you might get unlimited traffic from these posts. Because your post will move one to another targeted person like as YouTube Video.

Digg and Buzzfeed also generates million’s of traffic on everyday. So you have a chance for building a strong community there and promote your contents for worthy traffic.

If your targeted visitors from U.S.A, U.K and Canada then must try Quora, it’s Q?A site that allows blog promotion. But you should promote your contents indirectly. is another place for instant traffic and for building community. You might get paid for your activity on Kingged, A lot of active users will your fan whenever you will submit your post on Kingged.

7. Advertising

If you don’t have enough time to marketing your blog and want to get quick results, then directly you can advertise your site on various website.

For proper targeting purpose you can start a paid campaign that will give you more results. Now a days starting a Facebook ad campaign is easy rather than other networks.

Also you can try Adwords, Tsu and Twitter for targeting new readers and re targeting your existing readers.

Tips to Increase Your Search Traffic

First of all write unique articles that make sense. As Long as you will write your article as search traffic you will get. High quality articles always copyscape passed and SEO optimized.

So write high quality articles. Last one month i didn’t publish any articles for monitoring my site performance also i was busy for making another Amazon niche site.

I had discovered some valuable things. One of the most important thing is i lost first page for couple of articles. I have learned again regular posting gives the best result.

While I stop posting and marketing my blog i lost traffic. I lost some potential subscriber over all last month i lost decent amount money that i generates every month.

So regular posting can bring everything you want from your blog. Then consider sharing your post link on Google+, YouTube, Vimeo and other similar sites.

Especially Google+ and YouTube play an important role for getting first page and for increasing search traffic.

White Hat SEO Tips for Beginners that Works

Just put your keyword into post title, Post URL and into Description. Use white hat link building techniques.
Do follow Backlinks works but it’s hard to build up.

You can outsource Do follow backlinks from other similar blogs by guest posting. Doing a comment on commentluv enable blog is a great way for building white hat backlinks.

Ping your latest articles to index quickly, automatically you can ping your post from WordPress dashboard. Also you can use to notice search engines that you have an update.

Your entire article should be written by following current SEO techniques. Properly use H1, H2, H3,,,,,, Tags for helping search engines by telling them that you have a similar content which they searched for their users.

Here’s the Complete Guide on How To Make Money Blogging

There are millions of ways to make money using your blog but decide first which way will suit with your blog.

Before choosing your monetization method you can check out world’s top bloggers blogs to get ideas. I think you should choose methods that already worked for a lot of people.
Yeah, i will share these methods that works!

#1. Make Money Blogging Using Affiliate Marketing With Secret Tips

Still now Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to make money blogging. World’s top bloggers generates passive income using this method. Simply promoting BlueHost Pat  Flynn makes $70,350 on last month(September, 2015). Here’s the report.

Every months Harsh makes more than $11125 promoting affiliate products on, Same as other top  bloggers.

Even I made my first blog income from affiliate marketing. Check out how i made my first affiliate sale. There are lots of opportunity and products for affiliate marketing.


My Affiliate Earning Proof from Single Affiliate Program

Day by day world’s top companies uses affiliate for selling their products. You can sell any products related to your blog niche being affiliate of them.

You can sell virtual/digital products, analog/physical products, you can sell others services, you can sell others e-books, you can sell tutorials from and you can sell anything you want that offers for affiliate…  🙂
It doesn’t matter who you’re and when you started affiliate marketing for your passive income. It matters what you know about latest affiliate marketing.
Do you think you’re perfect guy for affiliate marketing?
If yes then don’t waste your time, start now!
If not then learn more about affiliate marketing, after being skilled then start promoting and make passive income.

Secrete tips for making money from affiliate marketing

1. Build a fresh email list- Whatever your blog about is! Pay more attention to make a unique email list from first day of your blogging. Try to make your list big as large as possible.
Big email list can bring your royalty income. Always knock readers using different techniques. Send them your most update contents. Must notice them you have some products that might help them.

Never forget to offer coupon or discount code whenever it’s available, highly promote your products when your affiliate companies offers special discount.

Hey Man! People loves Discount.
2. Write Honest Reviews- It’s highly recommended to use product before writing product review. If it’s not possible then contact with your affiliate manager & want a review copy from them.

Point out on your writing, why you love their products or why most people loved those products. You can check out one of my review post here- MyThemeShop Review
3. Social Media- Social media is the best way to drive instant traffic to your blog. Using social media you can promote your blog post and direct affiliate links.

Whenever you will try to sell your affiliate products with same angle. You might lose engagement. Use different techniques to promote your affiliate links on social media.
4. Video Marketing- It highly work, Video marketing plays a big role for selling your affiliate products. Make some quality videos related to your affiliate products or sales page.

Then upload them on YouTube, Vimeo and others social media and linking with your blog or .aff link on description section.
5. Advertising- It’s universal truth that more you’ll invest, more you will earn. If you want to get a big success, then don’t late to run CPC or CPA base campaign.

You can promote your micro niche site using these methods. Think you are affiliated with a product which cost $200 and you will get 50% commission stands for $100. Now you starts CPC base campaign and you want to spend $3 per click.

Here you will get targeted traffic that means real person will click on your ads, who actually want to buy that product. If this ratio works and 10 clicks got single sale. Then you will get $100 by spending $30.

#2. Adsense for Make Money Blogging, Tips to Boost Your Adsense Earning

Google Adsense is Another most popular method to make money by blogging. Adsense is Google’s sister concern that gives the opportunity to make unlimited money from your blog.

Whenever you have a rich blog with high quality contents then apply for Google Adsense. Adsense will show most relevant ads on your blog.

So you shouldn’t worry about their ads. You will be able to place their ads anywhere on your blog. As i said Website Traffic is a matter everywhere, Same thing on Adsense. More you will get traffic, more you will earn money.

Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earning

1. Long Tail and Profitable Keywords- After Google Panda Update, Long Tail Keyword works well. Find out most profitable and low competitive keywords that will make money for you.

For beginners minimum 3500/monthly searches volume keyword is perfect. Use Long Tail Pro and Google Keyword Planer to find out most profitable keywords. There are lot of benefits to Use Long Tail Pro keyword research tool.
2. High Quality Contents- Always write high quality contents that goes viral quickly. Research which topic is trend now related to your niche, then write article about that topic. Always keep in mind that you’re helping visitors by writing catchy contents that will solve readers problem.

Be sure that you writes SEO Optimized Articles. You can check out my step by step guide on How to write an SEO Optimized Blog Post.
3. Select High Paying Keywords- Before getting Adsense Approval try to target High Paying and low competitive keywords. Whenever you will get Adsense approval then write contents that contains high paying keywords. Find out high paying keywords using Longtailpro.
4. Better Ad Placement- Find out the attractive place on your blog then place ad code on it. If possible put your ad code into your article, it will show most relevant ads that will increase your earning.

On side bar use large size ads that can attract more readers also link ads works well inside article. Simply you can place your ad code anywhere you want by this plugin.
5. Block Low Paying Ads– Simply you can block unrelated ads from your Adsense account. Especially for Asian countries, here maximum advertisers bids for low price to show their ads. So find out these URL and block them from Adsense Dashboard.

#3. Google Adsense Alternatives Ad Network

At first time of my blogging a great mistake i did, Not only me but also maximum novice think that Adsense is only one blog  monetization option. In earlier my thought was, if i don’t get Adsense my writing is valueless.

I failed to make money from my first blog and i quit for several reasons, one of the notable reason is getting Adsense approval rejection.
Does Adsense Rejected your blog?
Don’t worry! Use Adsense Alternatives Ad Network. I think Affiliate Marketing is best Adsense alternative for making money from your blog. Also you can try some others too.

Top 5 Adsense Alternatives for High Paying Blogging

1. RevenueHits
RevenueHits is One of the best Adsense Alternative Ad network, recently i joined their network. And it works well, i had seen many Adsense alternatives but RevenueHits offers different things, you should try them.

Simply go to and sign up to get instant approval. You can get paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer.If you’re PayPal user then it offers minimum payment threshold for $20.

Placing their ads on your blog is so easy. On Dashboard You’ll see the stats including impressions, total clicks and eCPM. They offer various types of ads such as Banners, PopUnders, Slider, Shadow, Top Banner Footer and Interstitial.

Actually RevenueHits works better for these niche Software, Gaming, Entertainment, Travel, Coupons, Shopping and Technology especially Mobile phones.
2. is my favorite Adsense Alternative and already i had written review and how i got Approval. Mainly is a sister concern of Yahoo! and Bing that offers contextual ads.

Automatically you can get publisher invitation if your blog generates maximum traffic from U.S.A, U.K or Canada. is most powerful ad network that’s why they publish high paying ads. To get approval you need quality and targeted traffic.

Even micro niche site can generates money from . Now a days mobile users increases day by day, if you want to publish ads then you have a good news and that is supports responsive ads that mean you can generate money using your mobile traffic also.

Their neat and clean dashboard will give you an extra ordinary felling. You can place multiple sizes ads anywhere on your blog. Their minimum threshold is $100 and you will get paid via PayPal or Wire-transfer.
3. Bidvertiser offers targeted Text Ads, Banner Ads and Mobile Ads and their minimum payout threshold is $10 via PayPal & $50 for check.

Mainly it’s a pay per click (PPC) base advertising network. They have bidding system for advertiser, so first time you won’t make much revenue as it takes few months. So it might Adsense alternative when you got more rejection or banned from Adsense.
4. Infolinks
It’s quite impressive ad network that’s different from others. You can place their ad code on a small place, I mean they offers In text ads that can minimize site advertising spaces.

A big thing that is, infolinks gets positive review from pros because you safely will able to use it besides Adsense at a time.

4 Types of ads they offers such as InText, InFold, InTag and InFrame. Their minimum payout threshold is $50 for PayPal and $100 for Bank Wire.

5. Chitika
On Chitika ad network you don’t need to tired for getting approval. If you got Adsense Rejection also other popular ad networks too. Then Sign Up for Chitika and it’s totally free.

Their ads sizes and formats is same as Google Adsense. Just create an account and place ads on your blog, automatically it will serve high paying ads. Search Targeted Ads, Mobile Ads and Local Ads are very popular on Chitika.

#4. Make Money Blogging by Selling Direct Ad Space Using Different Techniques.

Direct ads are another popular way to make money by your blog. Whenever you got good rank, advertisers will find you and will contact with you to publish their ads monthly or yearly basis.

For selling direct ad space, first you should create a Advertising page where people will find information of advertising rules, rates, payment schedules and ad slots in details.

The big advantages of selling direct ads is you can control everything because you created that rule. If your site generates huge traffic then you will get the highest benefits of using direct ads service.

Because buyers will think about how much traffic they would generate and how much it will convert into sell. Placing ads on your site is not their main target; their vision is to connect maximum targeted people.

You can sell ads Pay per time basis; it might yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis. Maximum Daily basis ads generates more revenue on various occasion.

Also you can offer them Pay per Click (PPC) ads, people will pay you only for clicks that your blog serves their ads.

Buyers will provide a tracking link with ads; simply you should place it on your blog. Pay per Impression (CPM) is another popular way to generate money, CPM means “Cost per mile” as its Latin sentence so it stands for 1000 impressions.

You will get paid for per 1000 impressions. More you will get traffic, more you will earn from CPM campaign.
Cost Per Action (CPA) is most used way to make money blogging. Advertisers will pay you for per sign up. Maximum advertisers generates leads using CPA campaign.

#5. Make Money By Selling Your Own Products On Your Blog

Most popular bloggers makes royalty income by selling their own products. Last month Harsh makes $750 by selling his Affiliate Marketing E-Book on Amazon).

Same thing Darren Rowse sales his e-books on Amazon. The owner of sells his tutorial on his blog. You can sell anything you want, first you should to build up a good relation with your readers.

When they will trust you, then they would buy your owned or recommended products. Maximum digital products recommended by bloggers, it might be from video bloggers or podcasters.

Technically you can use some different techniques to sell your products. You can place banner ads, you can recommend them on your article.

After running your product and publishing it on your blog, don’t late to tell your subscriber that you have a resourceful product. Tell anytime when you got a chance.

#6. Buy Sell Ads To Make Money Blogging

If you have a tech, web design, development or freelancer niche blog and your sites get 100K impressions per month then apply for buy sell ads.

Buysellads offers sponsored tweets and ad space for you. BuySellAds is a media to connect you with advertisers. For this they charge, and 25% & 70% revenue they shared with publishers.

#7. Job Board for Making Money Using Your Blog

Whenever your blog generates a decent amount of traffic. You can create a job board and promote it to merchants. They will post their job for contract basis.

It would be weekly or monthly  basis. When your blog will be most popular blog then people will find you to post a job on your blog, but if you a novice then collect buyer emails and send them an invitation for placing a job on your job board.

In first time you can offer them totally free or charging a small amount. Then increase it when your job board will be popular & gets more advertisers.
My Most Recent Viral Contents:

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LongTailPro– Premium Long Tail & High Paying KeyWord Research Tool.
CommentLuv(Free and Premium)- Visitors Recent post Publishing Tool.
WishPond– Everything to Marketing Your Blog, specially for generating leads.


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