How to Make Money Online Using social Network to Earn Money

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Today i want to introduce a social networking site called, Structure of this social networking site is similar to Facebook.  Tsu sharing their advertising revenue with active users.

They offer 90% ads revenue for users. So, i think, it’s a great opportunity to earn money online by doing same thing we do on other social networking sites.

Make -money -using- Tsu

Facebook is a platform for sharing your posts, photos, videos etc, but they don’t share their revenue with us. In Tsu Social Network you will be able to make money for doing the same activity . So, it’s the high time to build a strong network on Tsu to start royalty income.

In My article i will share how to make money online using it worth?

What is TSU?

Tsu is a  free social networking and payment platform, which offers up to 90% of advertising revenue with it’s users.

TSU monetized their platform with third party ads, sponsorships and Partnerships. TSU take 10% revenue in order to doing their online business rest of 90% revenue they share for users.

50% revenue from Users piece paid to the user who created and shared the content.

The other half of the earned revenue is shared to the users network using family tree in thirds.

How i Joined TSU?

TSU only approve invited users. This is a digital system to track their family tree and revenue to the network.

This automated system will help you to increase monitor your networks.

To join TSU you will need an invitation. And here it is-

TSU Invitation

How Tsu Distributes Income?

Tsu used automated software to tracks, measures and distributes appropriate users revenue. It’s use users Family tree for proper distribution. 90% Revenues are distributed to users, rest of 10% they take in order to doing their business.

Tsu -make- money -online

Let’s see an example with 4 users, how Tsu Distributes Users Revenue.

User A invites user B, who invites user C, Who invites You.


Supposed User You earned $100 revenue by sharing photos, videos, status updates etc.


90% of earned revenue go to the users. In this section $90 of the $100 is shared with all the users.


You are the original content creator will get 50% of the $90. In this case $45.

User C will get 33.3%(1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case $29.70.

User B will get 11.1%(1/3 of 1/3=1/9) from $90. In this case $9.99

User A will get 3.70%(1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3=1/27) from $90. In this case User A would make $3.33


How to Earn Money Using Network?


Tsu will pay for your contents, your like, comments and shares. Your behavior on Tsu will monitor by a automated system, so don’t think about payment system.

Sharing content on TSU is very simple as any other social platform such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

More share, likes and comments will bring you more money. So, engage with more people.

It’s simple, treat your Tsu account just like any other social media plateform and make money doing the same job.

First time you would make a small amount with low engagement. Whenever you will increase your engagement, it will help you to get extra revenue.

Personally i spent a lot of time in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. But never i paid for this, Thanks Tsu team to build this types of network.

Tips To increase your revenue on Tsu

Recently registered with Tsu? and want to earn more money? these tips only for you.

Make money online with Tsu is a simple, but a good amount, it’s too hard for newbies. So, follow these tips to earn more on Tsu.

Increase Engagement

Grow your network as possible. Until you have a small amount of friends and followers, you will not be able to start making money on Tsu.

More engagement means more money. So, you should to take a action for growing your network.

Whenever you have a good number of followers and your posts goes to viral, you will get paid for it. Not only that but also you will earn money, when someone actually joined by your invitation.

Ratio works as this “more invitation makes more signup”. More activity on Tsu  makes more engagement, more engagement means more money.

Avoid Spamming

Directly You will got banned whenever you will try to spam. It’s a bad tactics and you will lose your potential revenue from Tsu.

Just start inviting by White hat way in your family, friends and colleagues circles.

Minimum threshold amount is $100. So, When you will make $100 revenue, You would cash it out.

Like, share and comments each other posts on your network, it will grow your revenue rapidly.

Select a Hot Topic

In blogging, we choose a niche, based on what we expert about. Same thing do on Tsu. Whenever you choose your niche, you would get more interest to make a creative post. Creative posts always goes viral on every social media.

Topic selecting will help you to connect targeted users.

Never try to choose a hard topic that you have no interest about.

If you are a musician/video lover or Blogger, whatever always post your best content.

Share your own blog or websites posts with detailed information. Fashionable photos and creative videos always got more engagement.

Help Others

Help others by doing this job! Always don’t think about making money. Help others by creating quality contents. Someone wants entertainment, some users want solution. Find out your followers criteria then solve with high quality contents.

I have seen that quality images, videos, fresh contents and continuous status updates always engaged a lot of people.

#Using Hashtag

Proper hashtags also help users to find out relevant contents. Create quality contents, use proper hashtags and engage more users.

Extra Tips

One more important tips to make more money. Your own created YouTube videos also let you make money, Already monetize your video on YouTube?

No problem just share the link on Tsu. Then it will show videos preview. Collect your Tsu short code then share it on various social media.

Second important thing is always be active on Tsu. Update your contents continuously it will help you to get extra impression, More impression means more engagement.

Be care about Copyrighted material. You should to follow Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) before posting a content. Whenever you got notice about copyright contents, instantly remove it to protect your account from banned.

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