Website Image Optimization Tips You Should Know For Better Ranking

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Website or Blog Owner Use Proper Search Engine Optimization Techniques to get ranking. Already we talked about How to get Google first page on search results without any backlink. Now a days online store or E-commerce website becomes more popular day by day. When we are searching for any products, we saw that many world re-known companies on first, because of their proper website SEO. Website Image Optimization is the part of parcel to doing white hat SEO  for entire site.


Proper Ways to Optimize your website images

Why Image Optimization is Most Essential?

It say’s that thousand of words you can define by a single image, Same thing on your online products. Not only E-commerce sites but also blog sites image can give a clear idea for visitors what you have on you site.

So, if your images were not optimized  properly, you might be penalized for that. Generally visitors want to get easy solution, for this reason they search online for anything.

Every visitors spent time on your site is most valuable. From statistics, maximum visitors spent 3-5 seconds to enter into any website or blog to find out their query.

World’s largest E-commerce site Amazon says from their research data, if they need to more 1 second to loading their site, They would losses more than $1.6 billion per month.

If visitors found your website that’s need more loading time, They will never wait to close tabs for go through another site. To solve this problem you need more related image including good content. So, now i am sharing the techniques for proper image optimization.

How to Optimize a Website Images for Search Engines for Free


1. Proper Title Selection:

It’s the best tactics to give a relative keywords for each content optimization. keywords should SEO friendly, for this reason search engine will find your content easily.

Also image is a part of a content, so image optimization is very essential to get first on search results. So, try to use a relative keyword on image title. When you done this job, your ranking and sales possibility will be increase quickly.

2. Use Proper Alt Tag:

Alt Tag means alternative tag for image. Search engines can’t define image without Alt Tags. Use related Alt tags with Related keywords.

It’s the best tactics to use different Title tag and Alt Tags. To do proper SEO for your site or get your content and product photo on Web Search or Google image, you must need to use proper Alt tags.

3. Slice Your Image:

Try to slice your product images as possible. It will be more popular when you slice your image. For successful presentation, Take snap of your products  important parts, your site loading time will be decrease quickly.

4. Care About “Call to action Button” or “Decorative Image”:

Those button is not eligible for sell but it’s gives a good structure to your site is called Decorative image or Call to action button.

  • Decrease your Decorative image file size by using essential Template.
  • To decrease image size and to create attractive border image save it as PNG-8 or GIFs file.
  • Avoid big Wallpaper as Background image, make it Transparent then use.

5. Use “Save for Web” Format:

It’s a common reason to decrease website traffic for loading time. In above we discussed about it, long image can increase your site loading time.

For this reason it’s very essential to use lower file size image. For this use “Save for web” format to save your edited image.

6. Alternatives to Photoshop:

Photoshop is the master of photo editing tools. If you don’t know Photoshop  what to do? You can use some online photo editing tools.

  • PicMonkey: It’s popular online tool for photo editing.
  • Pixlr: It’s easy to use, also you can edit your image by downloading their free apps.

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  • FotoFlexer: Another awesome online photo editing tool, here you will be able to work with different layer.
  • GIMP: it’s a open source image editing tool for free. You can use it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Maximum file size for an ideal image is 70kb.

7. Proper File Type Selection:

Generally we are using jpeg, GIF and PNG format.

  • JPEG- It’s the most used format, for good quality including small file size, it’s the best.
  • GIFs(.gif):  Website’s border and decorative images need this format. Sometimes you don’t get accurate quality for this. For most important image don’t use this.
  • PNG: To show up a big image in different format PNG are used.

8. Thumbnails:

Maximum E-commerce site use Thumbnail image, but it can be silent killer. So, care about before using thumbnail images. Use small thumbnail image as possible. If you need same image to use for products and thumb then create different Alt Tag for each.

9. Create Image Sitemap:

We know that search engines can’t read a image without Alt Tags, to help search engines create your website sitemap for content and Create Google Image Sitemap for images. Follow Google webmaster tools  instructions for better results.


Editor Desk: Now time to test your image, After doing all work above test your experiment as a visitors. Try to see your images on several browser.  Research and survey What types of product image customer likes. Then take a action.

My best wishes for you and your business.If you have any different tips and tricks to optimize  website images, then let us know via comment.

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