12 Bullet Tips to Decrease Website Bounce Rate

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Are you thinking about your blog or website bounce rate, it’s really increases day by day?. You got new visitors every day, but returning visitors are decreases, yes this article is for you.

I will give you 11 Bullet Tips to Decrease Website Bounce Rate follow these tips, i hope existing visitors will be back again. Whenever visitors will come back to your website, your milestone to create website will be successful.


Decrease website Bounce rate

Tips Should Follow To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

1. Write Attractive Contents

Write your blog or website contents with something different, presentation should be attractive, make content easy to read for visitors not for search engines.

Don’t shout more about your product, write technically and create something new that’s why visitors become curious about your product, willingly they would be ask about your product and contact with you.

A quality article always avoid spelling error, Grammatical error and information error. When you start to follow these rules about contents , visitors will trust you, They will come back again and again.

2. Professional Themes: Professional Theme is a big matter to decrease bounce rate. Free themes are not SEO optimized and clean coding theme.

Premium WordPress Themes can give you a professional look, that’s why visitors will spend more time on your site. After using Professional Themes, i hardly recommend you to use MyThemeShop WordPress Themes, That goes viral.

3. Make Website Easy for Users

Create easy menu bar, i mean make it easy for users that they can go to one page to another page. While you create menu to give new look by web design, that’s not found easily this is the another reason to increase website bounce rate.

I saw one thing when i become curious about a link, i clicked there, i didn’t found the right info it’s refer another page then another page ….

Finally i found this information by clicking five times. It’s really boring matter. Create easy navigation menu for visitors that’s they find information what they need.

Top experienced bloggers seems that, for finding right information visitors would click 2-3 link page.

Remember, your website is important info funnel for your products. When new visitors arrived to your site, quickly they understand what’s the purpose, why you created this website, Is it product base, service base or any other else.

4. Charming Design 

If you don’t attract visitors with attractive design in first look, you might lose them. So decorate it’s as a cats eye look.

Three things follow before Design your website-

a. Use attractive Logo.

b. Background color should be similar to Logo.

c. Care about to image optimization, large and unnecessary image needs extra time to load your content.

d. Use Best Premium Themes

These three things are keys to design a website. If possible use self designed or Premium themes instead of free theme. When i started my blogging journey, i used free theme, now QcBlogging moves premium themes for better blogging.

5. Find Out Your Site Problem and Solve Them

It’s very boring for visitors to deal with dead link. Dismiss all the broken link, create 404 page for 404 error or redirect your content.

Submit your site on Google Webmaster and submit sitemap to find out Dead or Broken link, not only that but also you will find all other error info here.

6. Use Call to Action Button

To get more attention from  your visitors, and let them to know about your product or another page create Call to action Button. I mean, Click here, Discover more here, Find out more, Buy now are the Call to Action Button.

Technically use ‘Discover more here’ instead of ‘Click here’. If you want to contact with visitors who are interested , use ‘Call me back’ button to submit their information in form.

7. Use Audio and Video

Now a days worldwide internet speed is very good from the previous time. so, If possible use Audio and Video on your website. When you will create quality video, visitors will find a clear idea about your products and your sales will increase rapidly.

It’s the best way to get attention from targeted people. For successful online marketing Use YouTube, Vimeo and others video publishing sites, also create podcast and upload them on different pod casting sites and publish  them on  your website.

8. Ask Question In Your Article

If your website is blog type, ask question for your audience to get response. Give the the opportunity to think about your article by  asking a question. You can ask question such as-

“ Would these help you?”

“ Are you looking for a solution?”

“ Are there any other way?”

“ Is this the best product on the market?”

9. Make an Interview

Make interview and publish them from pros whose are already  successful related to your business. In this competitive world, you will get more advantage whenever you will discuss with your competitors.

If possible make interview with them and publish on Homepage and sales page. By following this rule, you will get more visitors also you will be able to make a strong brand.

10. Arrange Quiz, Contest program and Pools

By arranging Quiz, Contest program and Pools, you will able to return your visitors on your site. If you are unable to create it on your site, create it on Social page and Forums. Join our Facebook Page.

11. Collect Visitors Information

Generally you can collect visitors information from Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and related other sites. By using these tools, you can track where visitors moves, by which link with source of traffic.

When you will  find the interest about your visitors, post regularly related contents, your visitors will increase rapidly.

12. Related Contents: Related contents has a great value. Every search engines love related contents. Same thing about  visitors, Whenever they will find more related contents. They might spent more time on your site. And it’s the key factor to decrease website bounce rate.

From The Editor Desk:

Website is not only for Google Adsense or Affiliates but also you can use it for various purpose. Now a days  every company host a website including blog to spread their business quickly.

I hope these  tips will help you to decrease your website Bounce rate, and it will be a proper guide for you.

If it’s helpful, Feel free to Like and share our content. Please comment if you face any problem about Decreasing bounce rate or if you have any other techniques that  help others  too, please share.

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