How to Search The Deep Web

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The deep web is different from the normal web. It has been claimed in a research that of the total share of the web, just 4% belongs to the normal web whereas a mighty 96% belongs to the deep web. Also known as the Hidden Web or the deep net, the deep web is invisible to the normal user. Only a smart user can access the deep web using some tricks since the deep web cannot be accessed easily with a normal browser. If you are a normal user and are wondering how to search the deep web, then don’t worry. Here we will answer all your questions.

What is the Deep Web and What Information does it contain?

As mentioned before, deep web is a hidden web containing loads of information which cannot be accessed through normal web browsers and by normal users. According to an estimate, the deep web contains around 7,500 GB of data which an average person cannot even access during his/her entire lifetime. The information here is mostly illegal, that is why it is generally hidden from the normal people.

Here, one can find deep government secrets, hire criminals like kidnappers and hackers, exchange credit card information for money or even get access to books and movies which are banned or censored in the real world. It is a different world with massive information, but one must be cautious while accessing this information since it can be fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to search the deep web.

Is the Deep Web and Dark Web same?

Many people confuse the deep web with the dark web. Firstly, we should understand that there are major differences between the deep web and the dark web and that the both aren’t same. Rather, the dark web is a small part of the dark web itself. The search engines often crawls the internet visiting the web page. All the links on that page are crawled then and so on. But what if there are no links in the page.

When you are on Facebook and are searching through the content, you didn’t click any links. Right! Yes, you haven’t. You stayed on the same Facebook page. This is the deep web content as it is not crawled by the traditional search engines. So, if you access dark web, you are accessing deep web too, but the vice versa is not true. Now let us move on to the main question which is how to search the deep web.

How to access the Deep Web?

Before you know how to search the deep web, you should know how to access it. As mentioned before, the deep web contains illegal unlawful information and even criminals exist over there. Therefore, it isn’t accessible easily and you need to have the right knowledge to access it. You also need to maintain anonymity to be able to access the deep web safely.

The deep web exploration with the Tor browser is the safest way to access it. The tor browser comes in with preconfigured settings thatprovide you anonymity by simply masking your IP. You just need to download the Tor browser for free from their website. After that you can open it and thereby access the deep web.

How to search the Deep Web?

Just like you need Google or Yahoo to search your queries on the regular internet, similarly, you need to have search engines for searching your queries on the deep web. There are many search engines which can be used to search the deep web. All that you are required to do is to open these search engines, enter your queries in the search bar and they will display the results matching to your query. These work in a similar way to Google but their page results show data from the deep web only. To know how to browse the deep web, you can use search engines such as –


This search engine is basically made for students. If you have any query related to content on mathematics or computing and engineering, then you should open this search engine. It provides range of news and content which is related to job vacancies, technical announcements, databases, training, teaching and learning.


This search engine came into existence in 1938 and has been providing search results since then. If you want to find particular information on your desired topic, then this is the search engine you can use to search on the deep web. It consists of large factual information about important daily topics.

The Internet Archive

This is a search engine which is dedicated to entertainment. If you have queries related to music, audio and printed materials, then this is the search engine that you should try. This search engine provides results from a staggering 391 billion websites for entertainment related queries. So it is almost a guarantee that you will get your desired result by searching the deep web through this search engine.


This search engine basically covers information which is related to science, medicine and even business. To get information about current news, trending topics, websites, and journals, you can rely on this search engine. The searches which are made on this search engine are conducted through a tag called ‘Explorit’.

The Bottom Line

So we have learnt about what deep web is and why it is not accessible by the normal browsers. We came to know the difference between the dark web and the deep web which is generally very confusing for the people. We came to know about the information that the deep web consists of and how we should be cautious while accessing it to be safe. But as many people wondered how to search the deep web, we came to know about the various search engines and their specialties. These search engines have their own qualities as mentioned above and by using these, you can easily search for your desired content on the deep web.

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