How to Start A blog- A Starter Guide for Beginners

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How to start a blog

Recently heard about blogging?

Want to start a blog today?

Don’t know how to start a successful blog?

You’re in right place, my starter guide will let you create a professional blog within 20 minutes or less.


How to start a Blog Within 20 Minutes


What to do before starting?

Blogging is a journey, it’s a big game. You need to do it continuously.

Don’t think to become bigger within over night. Million’s of mile journey starts from a single step, so it will take few time to become successful blogger.

To become a professional blogger, you should take a strong decision. Doing is easy but making a decision is so hard. Follow few steps to start-

1. Choose Your  Niche/Topic

First you should to make a decision what to blog about. Picking the perfect Niche is the main key to success.

Never start a blog about what you don’t know or you’ve less knowledge about your niche.

Do you know why i quit from my first blog?

I haven’t depth idea about my niche, i started my first blog more than 3 years ago.

I hear blogging is the way to make royalty income, Just i started (Now it’s move to from a local agency but never ever i earned a single penny from it.

I researched why i can’t?

Obviously the main reason was to choosing a wrong topic that i haven’t depth knowledge.

I hope you’ll choose a topic that well known for you. You need to update your blog regularly, whenever you will not able to publish content for long time, your blog might be fallen down search engines black list.

It’s a big mistake to start a blog about “Blogging Tips” without knowing more.  Instead of this, It’s easy to start a Fashion Blog, Food Blog or Travel Blog.

2. Choose a Good Domain Name

Great mistakes always newbies do, that is they choose wrong domain name.

Choosing a wrong domain name will penalize you later.

Pick a domain that easy to remember, hopefully it will make a popular brand later.

Domain Spell should memorable, for this reason returning visitors will increase rapidly.

If possible put your niche in Domain name, that’s why visitors will get an idea what is your website about.


3. Where to Get Domain & Hosting? and How to Choose The Best Hosting?

It’s a factor!

Sometimes Hosting Depends your success. Strongly Server response time,  Bandwidth, Up time and Downtime, Quick Redirection will make your brand popular as you want.

Choosing a bad hosting company can destroy your blogging carrier, so aware about this.

Now, the question is Where to get Domain and Where to Host My Blog?

A. BlueHost Is really awesome hosting provider that provide Domain+ Unlimited Hosting+Email+24*7 Support  with Affordable price.

Whenever you will start your first blog, don’t waste money by paying extra in other hosting.

Save money using BlueHost hosting service. They offers affordable rate for novice bloggers. I used their service more than 2 years, really dedicated service they offered!

Whenever i faced any problem with my site i knocked  them, They solved within few minutes . They helped me with quick response at any time.

I never faced server problem specially bandwidth limit problem on BlueHost.

Their expert team always ready to help their clients. If you haven’t any idea about blogging, i would recommend you to start with HostGator, because their effective tutorials will develop your skills.

They Offer One click WordPress Installer, so it’s easy to build a new blog via HostGator. To Get Discount Just Signup HostGator using link bellow-


Try BlueHost

Move forward on…


4. Which CMS to use?

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are most popular CMS in the industry. Joomla and Drupal have few limitation to make a blog. In Joomla you need to know a2z, specially coding.

But in WordPress it’s easy to install and maintain a blog is  more easier than install. Everything can do by plugins. So, you don’t need huge experience, specially coding is not mandatory to maintain a WordPress Blog.

in BlueHost hosting WordPress one click Installer can save your time.

Once you have Chosen WordPress as a CMS, what next?

5. How to Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy as you install any software in your PC.

Extra advantage of using BlueHost is, you’ll be able to get one click WordPress Installation.

That means from control panel you can install WordPress, you don’t need to download and upload from another place.

6. WordPress Themes

You should to Design your first blog with clean coding theme, don’t forget to choose SEO optimized and Responsive WordPress themes.

There are lot of themes club offers free and premium WordPress Themes. In free WordPress themes, you might face bit problem such as updates, supports and SEO optimization problems.

They have own limitation also. But in premium WordPress themes, it’s really tremendous!

Do you know, i used free themes more than 6 months but i didn’t made a single penny that time.

When i purchased a premium theme from Mythemeshop, i made my first affiliate sale!, i never forget that moment when i made my first online income.

After using their themes my blog traffic increases rapidly, i got a good rank in Alexa. That time was my turning point while i got Mythemeshop Premium Theme.

Recommended Reading: Mythemeshop Review

Best Marketplace to Choose WordPress Premium Themes


A. MyThemeShop

Mythemeshop is a leading WordPress free and premium themes provider in the industry.

They offer 90+ SEO optimized, Elegant and Responsive themes to design a gorgeous blog.

I hardly recommend you to Join MyThemeShop Themes Club to get Access All Themes and Plugins.

Mythemeshop Discount Page

7. WordPress Basic Configuration

After installing a professional theme, now time to make WordPress Basic Configuration.

Here the tutorial about WordPress Basic Configuration

8. WordPress Plugins, That Rocks!

There are thousands of plugins are builds to decorate WordPress Sites.

First time use some essential plugins such as W3 Total Cache to Boost your site loading time, All in One SEO for site SEO, Subscribers Plugins to engage Readers, Akismet & Sweet Captcha for stopping Spam comments and registration, Backup Plugin to Backup your contents.

Get Some Handy Plugins


You’re Almost Done! now time to go ahead.

9. Building Community

Why Should to Make Community?

Community build traffic, Community build sales, Community grow business. Community is powerful, by it you can do anything.


How to Build Community

Social media plays an important role to build community.

Specially Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are best platform to build strong community.

Build a good relationship with your readers via these platforms for growing your online business.

Also Tumbler, Reddit, Quora and Pinterest are great platform to build engagement.

Twitter is a platform for  quick and effective content marketing. If you’re lazy or  haven’t enough time then use best #Twitter marketing tool TweetAdder


10. How to increase Traffic

There are various platform to get traffic to your new blog.

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Tsu are best social media to getting huge targeted traffic.

Tell about your blog and updates in these platforms with your followers.

Be active and always share updates, make engagement and get traffic.

Listen what your readers says, treat them as your clients, response on their comments as soon as possible. Give readers priority, know what they want from you, Build brand.

Blog Commenting- Another way to getting Backlink and visitors. Find out smiler blogs and high authority sites, then make comment on their update contents. Definitely you’ll grow your readership.

I Recommended you to comments on commentluv enable blogs to get do-follow backlinks.


Forum Posting-Another way to getting instant traffic. Discuss about your blog on signature allow high pr forums. It’s the best method to drive instant traffic to your new blog.

Email Marketing- Whenever you grow readers then collect their email, make a list then offer them your blog updates. In this way you’ll get existing and more effective traffic. Also, Sell your own products by email marketing.

Group Discussion- Discuss about your blog and updates in different groups such as Facebook Groups, Google Groups and LinkedIn Groups. Discuss how can you help them and what types of content you offer for your readers.

Guest Posting- Now a days it’s an effective methods to drive traffic and strong do-follow backlink. Increase impression and branding by Guest posting.

Simple, just find out related bogs and high authority sites then make guest posts including your blog posts links.

Advertisement- Want to get quick results then make ads in Facebook and Google Adwords. You’ll get targeted visitors using Facebook. It’s an opportunity to grab Free Facebook & Google Ads Credit on HostGator hosting.

11. How to Make Money Blogging

Whenever you made decent amount of loyal readers, you’re able to start making money using your blog. More you gain targeted traffic, more you earn. There are lot of monetizetion methods, you can use them to make money by blogging.

Google Adsense- Google Adsense is one of the leading ad publisher network that pays lots. Most bloggers become financially freedom by publishing Google Adsense Ads on their blog.

It bit difficult for new blogs to getting approved by Adsense team. In the mean time newbies should try Google Adsense Alternatives Ad Network for monetize their blog.

Affiliate Marketing- It’s a  method to make quick money without any hesitation. My blogs main income source is Affiliate marketing.

You can check out my story, How i Made My First Affiliate Sale! It’s awesome felling when i got my first online payment. Affiliate Marketing is better than Google Adsense.

Direct Advertising-Whenever you made a popular brand, a lot advertiser will contact with you to publish their products review or they would hire you and your blogs to marketing their products. You can place direct ads on sidebar, Header and Footer on your blog.

Selling Your Own Products-World’s most popular bloggers sell their own products by their blog. You can offer any thing related to your blog niche. Top bloggers offer e-Book, Self service and more to earn more money.

Extra Tips to Get Success in Blogging

Learning is a process to enhance your blogging skills, Always learn from other popular blogs.

It says in blogging “learn more and earn more”.

Continue blogging until you get your success.

Don’t think you’ll do everything within a over night. It’s my strategy if you continue blogging for 2 years, you would never quit. So, Minimum 2 years blogging can change your life. And my last word for newbies “never quit, quitter never win”.

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