How to Make Your First $1000 Online

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Earn money online earn 1k doller online

At the very beginning it was sweet dream to earning money online. Hope you read my story about how I made my first affiliate income, if you didn’t read this click here for reading my story.

It was a surprising moment, when I made my first online income from now (  In 2012 I had done a SEO job for my client from U.S.A.

After that I believed that I can earn from online.  That time luckily I learned more about SEO and blogging stuffs that’s why I started blogging for Adsense finally i focused for affiliate marketing.

Ways to Make First $1000 Online

Doing Freelancing Job:

Million’s of freelancers works from home and earns handsome income and changed their lifestyles. For doing freelancing job, First be skilled about a specific work like graphics design, Drawing, SEO, web design & development etc.

Freelancer check earning proof

Then find work from various marketplace like upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour & microworker etc.

On That marketplaces, place your bid to get a job, some places you don’t need to place bid. On that market places easily you can make your first $1000 online.


Huge potentiality on this place, ask yourself, mostly what you expert about?

If you got it, then start a blog right now about that topic! After creating your first blog, write some high quality contents about your niche, share with others, do White hat SEO & Bring some targeted traffic.

Then monetize your blog using Adsense, or buysellads, also there are some other alternatives ad networks to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

I love this man!

Still now, Affiliate marketing is the best way for me to earn money online. Without any investment selling others products online and getting commission from there, it’s a great opportunity for anyone.

Recommended Reading: Make $2898/Mo-MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review

If you have blog you can do it easily, also you can do it without having a blog. Yes, making guest post and using social media and email marketing you can do affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of affiliate network like Amazon,eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, Commission Junction and many others that will give you an opportunity to sell their products online, by sharing commission with you.

Uploading Videos:

Now Uploading videos on YouTube and others social media is a popular way to make money online. Whatever you know, that’s not fear just share your videos on YouTube and apply for YouTube partnership.

Google will share their 70% revenue that earns from your YouTube channel.  Without YouTube partnership you can make money by your videos by making product reviews & sponsored videos.

In your videos first you can attract your audience, then make engagement, finally recommend product or service that will solve their problem.

Buy & Sell Domains or Niche Sites:

It’s a mind blowing business for lazy people like me. Just research market and buy domain that related to trends. Park domains as a premium domains then sell them.

There are many marketplaces to sell brandable premium domains. Also you can make niche site, make it popular online then sell it on

Getting Donation:

Getting donation online is a traditional way. Create a digital product or service that will help people, and then ask them for a small donation.

Create popular digital products like software, games, apps, Themes, template,  plugins then add a donation button on them. Tutorial is the best way for getting donation.  Make tutorials that solves people’s problems, then willingly people will donate.

Selling Your Own Product or Service:

Be your own boss by selling your own products or service. Write eBook and sell it online especially on Amazon kindle.

As I discussed previous time, you can create a lot of tutorials that you expert about then sell them on

Also Same thing for making own digital products, make software, games, apps, Themes, template,  plugins  or any other creative things  then sell them online.

Over to You:

I hope you love my writing, feel free to like , comment and share online. Let me know your story if you made your first $1k Online. If not tell me how can i help you?

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