How to Make Money Event Blogging (A to Z Guide)

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What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging is an exceptional way to make money blogging . I hope you have knowledge about how to start a blog . If you don’t know i will show you again in this post. Event blogging stands for blogging that target on a special event to make money online. It occurs for few days, so it’s a funny game for professionals. Let’s Check, I will show you how to create event base niche blog and how to monetize it.

Why Event Niche Blogging?

1. Easiest way to make money Event blogging.

2. Need less Time to get profit.

3. Less Site Building Cost.

4. Less maintenance Cost.

5. No need much experience.

6. Simple & Quick Way to get success

How to Choose an Event

There are a lot of events got popular searches like New Year Event, FIFA World Cup, Olympics, NFL, Cricket World Cup, IPL, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Parent’s day, Exam Results, Halloween Day, Friendship day, Holi, Ramadan And Eid, Independence Day etc. You can pick up one of them to start your first event blog.

Ok, Just got the event to target. Now What?

A noticeable thing about event niche blogging is, anyone can earn a lot within short time.

It might me one day, one week or one month. Like, if you target Happy New Year it will make money for you for one day or one week.

If you target Olympic Games or Cricket/Foot ball World cup it will make money for you almost 2 month.

A great specialty about event niche blogging is you can make thousands of dollars for targeting 1 hour or one day.   If you are newbie, hearing this it might be great surprise for you.

Yes, I am telling about one day or few hours targeting for $$$$

Suppose your target Niche is Happy New Year. If You have valid internet connection, what you will do on 1st day of the year.  Most probably you will search something about Happy New Year…

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year Quotes

Happy New Year Gifts for Girlfriend

Happy New Year Gifts for Boyfriend

Happy New Year t-shirts

Happy New Year gifts online

Happy New Year gifts from Amazon

Happy New Year gifts from eBay

Happy New Year gifts from Walmart

Not only you but also millions of people will search on upcoming New Year for these particular keywords.

Maximum of them will reach websites by Google or any other search engines. So, it’s pretty simple to choose a keyword, then we should do SEO to rank our website on first page.

If your event niche website get first page and top position, you will get million’s of traffic from search engines on that day.

After getting rank you should monetize your blog by Adsense or Affiliate to make $$$$ on that day.

When You Should Start an Event Niche Blog?

If you’re newbie then you should start 3 months before the event date. If you good at blogging then start one month or 45 days prior the event.

If you have 6 month or 1 year old domain then you can start before 30 days of the event.

Keyword Research for Event Niche Blogging

Backlink Building Tips & Tricks  

As Google said backlinks has less value, but I don’t know why for me, Still Backlinks works well. After making your three targeted posts start building backlinks for your event niche blog.

For every site relevant keywords have more worth. But in event niche blog, you will not get relevant keyword because your competitors will not give you Backlink.

But you can spy your competitor, where they got backlinks. Get the list and put your site on these sites, get top position. You can spy your competitor by SEMRUSH[paid tool]

Wait, some free tools you can use to check your competitors backlinks. Like and

event blog backlink check

backlinkwatch backlink check for your event blog

First, Type you main keyword on Google Search, deeply analyze the search results pick up all the event niche blogs on first page, then check by these tools.

If you have less time then buy backlinks from trusted sources.  I do buy some quality backlinks from

Web 2.0 Links

It really works; create web 2.0 links as much as you can. Especially backlinks from Tumbler, Blogger, WordPress, Webs and YouTube are the best source to get web 2.0 backlinks.

Do a little experiment with expired web 2.0, find out expired sub-domain and register again and make some articles for them.

Publish at least 2 articles on each web 2.0 then link with your event niche blog. Never ever forget to give different anchor text for backlinks.

After that submit all web 2.0 sub domain in Google Webmaster Console and ping them to index your backlink quickly.

Social Signal, Does it worth?

There are two benefits to share your contents on social media, as much as your contents got shares as much as you will get traffic.

Not only that but also for proper social signals, your contents will get rank in higher. Before 15 days of your targeted event, start social sharing.

I personally use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest. Google+ is a very powerful social media for getting rank. If you have time, that’s ok, or you can buy social signal from Fiverr.

Yes, of course Social Signal has high value.

Use one tricky method that I use, create three pages on Facebook and Google plus like this- happy New Year quotes, happy New Year 2017, happy New Year photos. On these pages you will not get more likes or plus one but defiantly you will get shares.  So, your target is getting shares not getting likes or plus one.

To get more shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus use proper #Hashtags.

On pinterest create some boards like Facebook pages. Share more photos related to your niche on your board. And use social share button on your blog especially pin it button on every photos.

How to Monetize an Event Blog?

It’s about money.  There are a lot of ways to monetize your Event niche blog. Adsense and affiliate are the best way to monetize your blog. Also you can use native ads and CPI(Cost per Install) ads for your event niche blog. Let me describe you in details,,

Google Adsense: Most of the event niche blogger use Google Adsense for main monetization method.

Affiliate Marketing: If your target market is USA, UK and Europe then Amazon is the best way to make money by event blog. For international targeting Adsense is best.

Also you can try both. You can sell anything related to your niche. Do you know people searches for “Happy new year t-shirts”, “Best New Year t-shirts”, “Best New Year gifts for Girlfriend”

So, promote anything related to your niche.

Cost Per Install (CPI): You can try some cost per install Apps and software for your event niche blog.

Tips to Double Your Adsense Income

CTR, the fact to increase Adsense income. Increase  CTR increase niche blogging income. Suppose your current CTR is 1.5% and you’re making $3000, if you be able to double it to 3%, your income will be increase to $6000.

So, Increase CTR

CTR Depends on Few Things

Fast Loading & Responsive Template/Theme: If you’re using blogger then use fast loading templates. If you’re a WordPress User then check some fast loading themes that will increase your CTR.

Manually you can select responsive option for your blogger theme. Simply go to Blogger>Template>Mobile>Click On Gear iCon>No, show Desktop template on Mobile Devices.

Ad placement: From my personal strategy, sidebar ads for event blog is worthless. Text Link ads always works. Header ad works well.

And ads inside article will boost your CTR, and they will show most relevant ads, that will double your income. Try to add big size ads to earn more.

Example of Amazon Niche Site:

Relevant Ads: Relevant ads always gives more, you can block irrelevant ads Category from Adsense Dashboard. Also you can block low CPM and low CPC ads like facebook, olx etc to generate more money.

[Note: Do experiment by yourself by changing ads placement, size and colors.]

[Warning:  Never Ever play with Adsense, I mean never try to floating, Clickjack, or any other social groups to get clicks that against Adsense Privacy Policy.]

What Should You Do at Last 15 days of Event?

In This section I will describe about my last moment of strategies that I follow for my event blogs.

At last moment of the event I never change Title, Search Description, keywords.  I just hardly do on page SEO specially interlinking gives me more page views.

I do update post publish date on every day. I do publish a new post everyday. I do buy Social Shares from Fiverr for 15 days and some high quality backlinks for 30 days from

Over To You:

If you’re thinking to start an event blog. Don’t late. Start now, money is everywhere online, Just find it.

Hey guys, hope you got  helpful event blogging tips. Please do me a favor, share this post to help others and comment bellow.


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