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Welcome to the QcBlogging. Before post and comment on QcBlogging you must be agree with the QcBlogging guidelines Bellow. If you want to take over the registration and comment and post on QcBlogging, then we confirm that you have read ‘policies and practices’.
Post Related:

  •  Post will submit in QcBlogging must be unique, Creative and attractive  informative and good quality.
  •   The English language must have 100%, any other language that cannot be post. Native English writer will get consideration on posting.
  • Irrelevant English language article can not be post.
  • Various software crack/serial/keygen directly to post, publish or upload cannot be provided. But you are cordially welcomes to open source and freeware.
  •   Various category such as Hacking,  phishing, cracking, cyber crime, Techniques,  General News, Hacker News, etc…  issues can certainly be post. But any site, service provider, or group of centers is not allow.
  •   There are more   magazines, news agency, community blogs, wiki news provider, General news, data, or other written or postponing consideration of the stability when the scream would contain  a post. Otherwise it will be permanent when considering the eligible permanent QcBlogging post will be suspended ever.
  •   It is not written by yourself, or to any other Blogger blogs or other written or identical or partially copied from another source, or your own name cannot be post. Always refrain from plagiarism.
  •   Care about The left half of the post to the post of your own blog or someone else blog links are not allowed. Writers and writing necessary things to complete the post can be posted for reference.
  •   AdWords and AdSense or any kind affiliate links or affiliate Short Link cannot be post in.Only use QcBlogging friendly ‘non-affiliate File Host’ and ‘non-affiliate links.
  •   Post any links, websites, and blogs cannot be used to all advertising and affiliate links or all affiliate links in the Geo of the hosts file.
  •   Obscene, vulgar, insulting, provocative or offensive, suggestive of any word, phrase or sentence that post ‘cannot be used.
  • Immoral, obscene, in violation of copyright law, any images, data and text can not be published any more.
  •   Can not be featured in the same site in various ways for propaganda purposes or any other issue. Always refrain from such behavior.
  • For the purchase of any goods or services the price of goods and services mentioned in the post, directly or indirectly, contact addresses, phone numbers can be specified and the entire way is totally Prohibition.
  •   Publicity and promotional purposes in commercial establishments, organized by trade unions, seminars, competitions, news, and participate in discussions in the host can not be reported. Only trusted free community, association, non-profit organizations and trusted by global institutions and community programs and news can be arranged.
  •   Not just for business purposes in the public interest that can not be expressed in any advertising technical post. Objectives and activities of the organization or product with the correct and full details can be post and it will certainly be of interest.
  •   Trying to post Job Notification, recruitment, online recruitment, etc., than for any type of income is illegal.
  • To Post in any type of online income and freelancing course will be technical direction. To Collect referrals, invite the group to work on the structure or purpose cannot be post.
  • Only use QcBlogging friendly ‘non-affiliate File Host’ and ‘non-affiliate links.

 Comment  Related:

  •  All contributor must reply to comments on their own posts. If anyone do not reply to users  comments with in 7 days, all links and author bio will be removed without any notice.
  • Can not blaspheme any User or unregistered user.
  •   You can not irritate or attack someone personally.
  •   Obscene, vulgar, insulting, porn, provocative or offensive, suggestive of any word, phrase or sentence can not be used.
  • Directly to the Comments crack, serial, etc. keygen links, text, files, etc. willnot be allowed.
  • If the comments already expressed in any site or service linked to the campaign cannot be post.

 User ID and Name  Related:

  • Any User ID and name can not be used in any name or alias name of the other user’s expense.
  •   Prominent political, religious and social values, as any respectable person, class, and the user ID and the name of the gibe Groups cannot be created and used.
  •   Socially a conventional name or sociocultural aspect to ride is offensive to any user that can be used in id and name.
  •   Remember again, Please direct website link, email addresses crack, serial, keygen, etc. can not be requested in comment.

Policy Change  Related:

  •  QcBlogging policy changeable. Of the special needs QcBlogging carries all the power to policy change and modify. However, the changes will not too different from the original terms. Last modified date of the policy will be published at the bottom of this page. With a major change in policy indicates that the course will be notified.

After all, at any time for breach of one or more policies with or without any prior notice remove any user’s user ID cancellation or different terms QcBlogging puts the power to prohibit. Best of luck. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Last Change: 01 January 2015
First change:
01 May 2013

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