Top 11 Reasons Why Newbies Fail In Blogging

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My blogging journey is 3 years so far. i faced many newbies who created a blog by thinking to become rich quickly. They want to make their first affiliate sale over a night.

Yes, it’s happened for maximum novice bloggers.  I am also the blogger who started blogging only for Google Adsense, Starting a blog only for Google Adsense is a great mistake for newbie that i realized later.

First time i never thought about, blogging is an art and it would be a good profession by helping others.


Why Most bloggers fail in blogging


Think about weight loss, Weight can’t loss over a night, same thing in blogging. Maximum become impatient and give up when they don’t get results within few days. It’s not a solution, it says that never quit because quitter never win.

There are many free and paid blogging platform including WordPress. Blogspot, Hubpages, Webs, Joomla, Tumblr etc to start a blog easily. May be for this reason number of blogs increases day by day.

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Before starting to write this  post, i made a thread on Warrior forum. I got hundreds of reply for that discussion from expert bloggers.

I discussed there Why Most novice bloggers fail in blogging, also i added my personal mistakes which i made in first time. So, in my article i want to share some of common reasons why people fail in blogging from my personal experience and Warriors experts.

Actual Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail In Blogging


Lack Of Depth Knowledge

I learned one important thing in my  primary school that is “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” There was story about this, A father daily drive his car with his son named Jony.

Maximum time Jony follows his fathers driving techniques, one day when his father was outside from home, Jony thought why he late to drive his fathers car, because he knows everything.

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But what happened in real life, When he started to driving car, he realize after few moments that he don’t know how properly move the car in backward road.

Finally he fallen down in a river with luxurious car. Same thing in Blogging, maximum newbie think blogging is a kids game. They started blog  without depth knowledge, After few days they don’t match their thinking with real life blogging.

When they don’t get quick results, they quit from blogging. You will not be able to make a single penny without knowing more about your niche.

Lack Of Research

Research is a big thing, it’s plays a major role to become success in blogging. Whenever you start a blog without researching online market, your success will go so far.

Maximum bloggers make this mistake, they didn’t know what their interests are, For this reason they choose wrong niche. It’s very difficult to success in blogging when you choose a niche that is not suit with your writing skills and you haven’t previous knowledge.

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Most of newbie bloggers seems popular keyword is most profitable and they would make money easily. Without research they choose high paying and high competitive keywords.

Finally they don’t get rank even Google first page and quit as soon as possible. It’s highly recommended for you do proper research then start, it will reach your blog in high level and help you most on your blogging journey.

Lack of Burning Desire

Maximum serious blogger don’t make excuse to continue their blogging. Because their vision is so clear about their blogs.

It’s proven when you will asked some of failure bloggers, why they left blogging?

Definitely they would say they have no time to continue it. I think it’s just a excuse.

They started blogging with more motivation and lots of passion but they quit because they have no time! When you make a burning desire to success in blogging, you would  save minimum 1-2 hours a day, it would be from your gossip time.

When you think, you have no time to continue your blog, you can outsource content and from, and not only that but also you can hire any freelancer to maintain your blog.

Lack Of Content Writing Skills

When i started my first blog i was unable to write a damn good content, because i was not a good writer even now i make mistakes but when i look my eyes in previous article, there too many mistakes i made. When i made comparison, this time is better than before.

I was unaware about my spelling error, grammatical error and etc. Every time i learned from pro bloggers, day by day i fix my errors and take a action when needed.

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Without updating your sites regularly with valuable contents, it doesn’t make a sense to maintain a blog.

Most newbie bloggers pay their attention for writing content not quality content, but they don’t spent time to enhance their writing skills. It’s a big factor to fail in blogging.

Lack Of White Hat SEO Knowledge

It’s very funny! Most of newbies don’t aware about White Hat SEO Techniques.

I saw few bloggers made backlink in adult sites, this is the one reason to get penalty from search engines.

These days has been gone when bloggers made spammy link. After Google Panda update it’s really important to follow white hat SEO techniques specially link building techniques.

Most of newbie bloggers want to get shortcut ways, for this reason, they use black hat SEO techniques. First time they got results but for long journey, they fail in blogging.

Lack Of Proper Guidance

Whenever you see a cricket or football team they must have a coach and captain same thing in a factory and offices also they have management including AGM, DGM and Manager.

Yes, they guide their down steps worker. Without a teacher it’s so difficult to become a good student. If i say about blogging, it’s ever truth that proper guidance can make you an extra ordinary blogger.

It might be your Guru/Teacher, your friend, Virtual online guide etc. So, some bloggers fail in blogging for lack of proper guidance.

They Don’t Setup Their Goal

Most of blogger don’t have clear vision, they don,t know what he can do by his blog. Without setting up a goal a blogger can’t be a successful blogger.

It’s a dream! it’s a goal to become success in blogging. When newbie bloggers start a blog, first 1-2 months they continue it with more energy.

After that it’s very essential to set up a long term goal with proper management. When they avoid they must fail.

Wrong Monetization Strategy

Very common reason why people left blogging within short time. From failures maximum of them started blogging only for Google Adsense.

This is totally wrong steps to ahead.

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They post 10-20 contents not quality contents  then decide to apply for Google Adsense with low traffic and less engagement.

Google disapprove their application, then they reapply for adsense, again and again Google Deny for approval.

Finally they become frustrated and quit. Also they offer more ads instead of quality content. Same thing in affiliate marketing with low traffic, newbie bloggers don’t able to sale a single product within 3-4 months, finally left.

Lack Of Content Marketing Knowledge

Having more content, It doesn’t make any sense without proper content marketing. Content is your own product, you should to carefully and technically deal with this to getting more targeted visitors.

Think about Unilever, Coca cola, Pepsi and 7Up not only that but also another world class brands such as Microsoft, Facebook and more.

Why they promote their products in various media? Because they need more visitors, more sales and more engagement. It’s a power! Think about your blog

What is your promotional strategy?

How much time you spent for content marketing?

Do you use proper ways for content marketing?

So, this is the another reason to quit blogging.

Lack Of Continuous Process

I believe This is the main reason why most peoples fail in blogging. It’s my case study maximum bloggers left blogging within 3 months.

Minimum 1 year old blogs never dies.

Another thing is first time newbies make few articles in a week but when they see that they didn’t get enough traffic.

Then they might Become frustrated and quit ASAP. Quit blogging is not a solution, Think again before leave.

You have to blog everytime, most people are not active enough on their blog post.

They failed to Make Money Blogging

Make money blogging is not easy as you hear. These days has been gone when people was making money with low quality content.

But in this over competitive market it’s tough to make money online. Maximum failure bloggers wait 3-4 months, if they don’t able to make money in that time, then they highly think about quitting blogging. Do you know QcBlogging makes their first affiliate sale after 364 days.

Editor Desk

At the end of my article, i would like to say blogging is a journey, Keep blogging until your success. Face any types of issue on your blog, solve As soon as possible. Again i want to remember “Never quit, Quitter Never Win”

Happy Blogging  🙂

Image Credit: Green Book Blog

Feel free to comment bellow, if you have blogging experience let us know.

Don’t be selfish, Share our post in your favorite social media. It might be hold anyone from quitting blogging.

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