Remote Backup and Why You Need It

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If you are not yet familiar with online backup, then it is the cheapest and simplest way of backing up your most crucial files and data and storing them in an encrypted server in a remote location.


Website remote backup

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Compared to older methods of data backup like external hard drives, DVDs and USBs, online backup offers more flexibility and added convenience because it comes fully automated and accessible when the need arises.

Why is Online Backup Safer than other back up methods?

Unlike physical backup methods, online backup proves its true value by storing data in a remote server away from everyday household and workplace hazards like fires, burglary, theft, viruses, software and hardware failures, accidental or intentional compromise to all sorts of natural calamities like earthquakes, lighting, flooding etc.


With an online backup plan in place, you will always have a fresh copy of you most important data kept safely for you until when you need. All this regardless of whether your workplace or house has been swept away by the strongest storm.

How Does It Work?

Online backups work by duplicating copies of your most valuable data and preserving it in remote servers for optimum security.

As if that is not secure enough, the data is also multiplied across strategically placed servers in different locations to guarantee security in case any particular server is down.
A quality backup service is able to provide the best quality bank-grade encryption of your crucial data to ensure that without your authorization and pass key (only given to you), no one else is able to access it.
All you need is a strong password and you are good to go.
Online backup has several names depending on the source, and you are mostly taking about the same thing with names like remote backup, online backup, cloud backup etc.

There is a slight difference between cloud and online backup however, as cloud storage was originally created for mostly saving and retrieving data without a sophisticated software involved.
A seasoned backup service provider like CodeGuard for example,provides the latest form of versioning, data sharing and mobile access.

Online Backup for your Website

If you rely on your blog/website for any form of income and value, your need for remote backup cannot be stressed enough.

However, there are many options out there promising to offer backup and they can prove a bit confusing when you don’t really know what to look out for.
When it comes to choosing the ideal backup option for your website specially for WordPress site Backup, look beyond the name and instead, keep a close eye on the features they are able to offer you.

A proper backup service should be able to offer full automation, speed, and enough storage capacity to suit your needs.
A free trial from the backup service is always a good place to start as you are able to get familiar with their services and gather a form of trust.
Having either tried, tested or reviewed many backup options out there, I personally recommend a personal favorite, CodeGuard.

Similar to BackBlaze and BackupDaddy in some of the basic features, it fits perfectly in any data security plan mostly due to some unique characteristics like usability and cost.

CodeGuard offers automated daily monitoring, backup and a one click restoration option. With websites facing threats every 0.65 seconds, it offers the easiest means of offsetting data in a remote location and securing the future of any small business or blog.

You get a basic package at a price of $5 a month which comes with a 5GB storage, unlimited databases and email support.

Compare Pricing

You can upgrade as you go along according to your needs.
When looking for online backup, look for a user friendly option that combines simplicity and efficiency to provide the results you pay.
Nobody wants to lose data, but quite simply, no one should stay unprotected.

What you say about online backup?

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