The Ways to Do White Hat SEO – Current and Future Techniques

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We heard in last two years Google updated Panda and Penguin, Black Hat SEO optimizer became afraid and frustrated. Don’t worry by thinking about current SEO techniques. In this article i am sharing about The Ways to Do White Hat SEO.

Ways to do white hat seo


1. What is White Hat SEO?

2. Why Google Updated Panda & Penguin?

3. The Right Way To Do White Hat SEO?

1. What Is White Hat SEO?

Easily we can say, To increase online publicity of any companies optimized their website to search engine ranking. Search engine ranking can bring unlimited traffic, and Traffic can build your guest list and it can bring money for you.

Our main target is product or service publicity, we can do it using various ways. Maximum, we are thinking about How to get First page on Google Search, but we didn’t thought about how many visitors are flowed by this way.

For this reason sometimes newbies starts spamming, which called Black Hat SEO. If we think more about our visitors, we could increase our visibility. So, our main target should be attract visitors not search engines.

If we think about a local business, to create a brand. First we think about our office decoration. Quality decorated company always get trust from customers.

Visitors can understand about your product service and customer service via your office decoration. Same thing about online business. Website designing is first task for online business. Design your WordPress blog or website Using Premium Themes. Make it more attractive & get more customers.

It’s called on page SEO. After completing decoration, Now you should to marketing your products via different media. In traditional business leaflet, poster, TV ads, seminar are the method to do marketing.

In online marketing system, it’s called OFF Page SEO. Social media, Guest blogging, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting are ways to do it. If you follow these system, yes, it’s called White Hat SEO. So, now it’s time to become successful in online marketing.

2. Why Google Updated Panda & Penguin?

Google is free service for hospitality. Google wants Visitors will get exact or highly matches information about what they want in search results. Google started Google Search to maintain the visitors criteria. Google do this work via automation system.

To continuing this service, Google faced a problem when people searches for anything, they found their desired information on the page of(4-5). Visitors didn’t got correct information for Spamming or Black Hat SEO by website owner.

In previous time Google gave priority which website are recommended by maximum related website. For this purpose, to get more recommendation low quality website owner spent more money for link building.

Example, When people select a candidate for election they want recommendation from people. Sometimes Black hat people got recommendation via spending money, But it’s not long term business.

Same thing on online, Google  noticed that bad website got first page via Black Hat SEO, on the other hand Good and informative website decreased their search traffic by following back linking rules.

To help and give extra ordinary support for visitors, Recently Google Updated Panda. Some people didn’t see this via positive eyes.

Now a days, Google calculates a good and informative website by visitors behavior. Such as how much time they spent in any page, how visitors forward one page to another.

If any website get more visitors and people stay there long time and they go one page to another page that means more pageviews. Google seems it’s important website for visitors, also important for Google. So, Google gives priority for thoose types of websites. So, My recommendation for newbies, develop your site for visitors not for Google.

3. The Right Way To Do White Hat SEO?

I never thought about Present, Past and Future Methods of SEO, i did everything which visitors want from me. When i meet visitors criteria i got more visitors, When i got more visitors, definitely i got Google First page on Search Results. Yes, this is the truth when you got more visitors, Google will ranked you.

Some Task i do continuously,

I do Guest Blogging, because here i get some engaged visitors. When you write killer content on Guest posting, visitors will be curious about you and your blog.

Using social media you can get instant traffic. some novice blogger do SEO thinking about Google, so they just shared their links. but i create some words with URL that converts into targeted traffic.

When i made forum posting and blog commenting, usually i attract visitors by using my forum posting and blog commenting techniques.

Email marketing and advertisement sites are best methods to noticed about my blog content, so i used these methods.

I submitted my blog on different sites to get instant traffic. Discover More Here: Submit Your Blog On 12 Websites For Top Rank

Conclusion: Obviously i am successful! However Google makes any update anytime, i don’t care. I wrote for visitors to helping them.

I Think, Backdated link builder should to take rest or updated their knowledge to  Current white hat SEO techniques to build a better website or blog.

Let us know about your SEO techniques via comments.

Feel free to ask any question about SEO

Please share our post to help others.

I am with you on your long term blogging journey.

Best of Luck 🙂 .

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